Check Composter Reviews When Buying A Worm Composter

When it comes to composter reviews there is some debate over what may be the best worm composter. There are quite a few to choose from so let’s take a look at what may be the absolute best possible choice.

The best worm composter is probably going to be the worm factory 360. All the possible options are fairly similar in that this really is a rather basic system once you come to grips with it but the worm factory 360 is great value for money.

It is made of 4 stack-able trays that you introduce the worms too and they will then go about munching through about eight pounds of waste a week. The end result is very fine and high quality compost that is about as good as it gets. You will find that if you are limited for space or want o make compost indoors then a worm composter is about as good as it gets.

The systems are fairly basic although they do take a little while to get used to. This is why the 360 is a great buy as it also comes with a free DVD. There is then no reason why you cannot make great compost very quickly.

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There is also a tap at the base that will provide a liquid fertilizer for you. You water it down and use to feed the plants. The worms themselves are purchased once and then you should never need to do it again. They reproduce at only the rate that you supply them with organic matter so there is no problem there. The more you add to the tiered containers the more they reproduce to cope with the extra food they now have available.

A worm farm really is a great little self contained system and can be placed in doors, in a garage or even outside, very versatile and a great way to make compost in a very limited amount of space.

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