Cheap Country Home Decor Tips For Your Living Room

If you want to achieve the country look in your living room or any other area of the house, here are a few tips that will help you. If your room has big windows, you can let lots of light pour in which means you shouldn’t be afraid of using bold and vibrant colors. They will invigorate the feel, which is especially good if the room needs revamping. If your windows have old wooden shutters and paneled walls they already transmit the rustic feel; bring it up to date with strong shades and simple styling. Bold colors team together brilliantly in a room that is spacious, and plenty of natural light will stop them feeling oppressive. Polish your wooden floors or buy vinyl that looks like wood to enhance the look. Mahogany chairs would add a more subtle and natural color at the same time helping anchor the scheme. As you can see, it is down to accessories and home decorations (the details) if you want to make a difference.

Give your wall paneling a coat of green and tone it down painting your window shutters cream that could match your leather corner sofa. Treat old chairs with colorful new seat covers. Add a reclaimed radiator and paint it yellow to bring it into the twenty first century. A pine table is a country style classic, but you can give it a shot of extra personality by painting the legs bold blue. It teams really well with the old mahogany chairs which you can find in many reclamation yards. You will definitely bring them up to date by recovering the seats with colorful fabric.

Consider some cheap country home living room tips.

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Pick up old cast iron radiator models from a salvage yard; if you want them to look glorious there will be a bit of work involved, which generally means sandblasting them to clean them before repainting them. Good yard will also pressure test them. For this, water is pumped from the mains around the radiator. As it is at higher pressure than the water from a central heating system, any holes or cracks wil show up quickly. It is best to only buy radiators that have been tested, as cracks are hard to mend.


Home decoration doesn’t have to be expensive. Achieving cheap country home decor is a lot easier than what people think; all you need is a few ideas, time, creativity and patience. And none if these cost money, so get thinking!