An Honest Cordless Drill Review

I was speaking to a couple friends of mine about the power tools that we have in our garage and we realize that we have spent way more money than we needed. Of course this happens due to the fact that it is hard to know exactly which tool we need to buy beforehand. Not only that, but sometimes it is really hard to find enough information on the web about affordable cordless drills that we could buy and be really pleased with it.

For example the other day I was taking a look at my cheap Makita LXFD01CW and I quickly realized that this was by far one of the best purchase I have made in the previous year. This is an excellent 18 volts cordless drill that has enabled me to work on big projects that I had at home. With over 480 inch pounds of maximum torque, this cordless drill will ensure that you have enough power that you can actually say that there is no project that is too big for you.

There are some things that I was actually not very happy about this cordless drill. For example, the carrying case that comes in the box is not one of the best ones. I believe this is poor designed and it should definitely have a better compartment for accessories or any other stuff that I might need to carry around like bits. Another thing that I wasn’t really proud of is that the battery cover is not that strong and it might wreck anytime soon.

On the plus side, I like the ability to quickly charge my card was still in just under 20 min. Not only that, but I also have three year warranty on my Makita LXFD01CW plus a one-year warranty on its charger and it’s lithium ion compact batteries which gives me peace of mind that if anything ever goes wrong, I can immediately replace it.

Small Aerogarden Models: Aerogarden 6 Space Saver

Gardening is a great activity.  Being able to relax and plant some seeds, take care of growing plants, and then being able to enjoy the fruits of your labor, sometimes literally, is a great thing.  You have to consider many things to achieving a beautiful garden and the most important are the tools and equipments like a mini greenhousegarden netting and LED grow lights. But, not everyone can have a garden, and that is why the Aerogarden is a fantastic products.  it uses hydroponic gardening technology (which basically means growing plants in water) in order to not only grow plants indoors, but also grow them all year long and fuller than they will outside.  This is because the technology will deliver the essential nutrients needed for growth directly to the plants, as well as provide a light source that tricks the plants into thinking it is the right time of year to grow.

It is good to have an Aerogarden.

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The problem is though that the Aerogarden is pretty large.  if you have been considering buying one, and you’ve looked at it in the store, then you will probably agree that it is quite large.  It can be fine for some people who have the room for it, but  a lot of people don’t.  The makers of the Aerogarden took this to heart and came out with a smaller model of the Aerogarden.  While the Aerogarden 3 is a smaller version overall, it doesn’t have the newest technology.  The Aerogarden 6 Space Saver includes the newest indoor gardening technology, as well as being able to save some space.  Here are some great ideas for usage:

  • In your cubicle at the office is a great place to put an Aerogarden.  It can bring some freshness and life to your place of work.  It can also be a nice distraction when the boringness of work is getting you down.
  • In a small kitchen is another great place for this Aerogarden.  Being able to cut fresh herbs directly from the plants to use in cooking is awesome, while also being conscious of your limited counter space.

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