Things To Consider Before Buying Solar Post Lights

Our dependence on fossil fuels for energy has greatly increased over the years. Considering the high energy cost, we are looking for ways to minimize energy consumption by tapping into a renewable source of energy. Solar energy can be the solution to our problems. It is a free, renewable source of energy and does not cause pollution to the environment. Solar technology has been around for decades, and is commonly used in solar lighting devices such as flashlights and even garden lights.

Solar post lights are really convenient to use.

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If you are thinking of buying solar post lights for your home, it is very important that look into the design of the product. Solar post lights come in a wide variety of designs. Before you decide to buy, always consider where you are going to place them. Solar post lights can illuminate an area around 5 feet, which also depends on the level of brightness of the bulbs.

Another thing to consider is the cost of the device. Solar post lights can be a bit expensive, but it won’t cost you any money on your electricity bill. You will have to invest initially but it is better to invest in an expense that will give you a budgeted bill for 10 years or more. The main reason why solar lights are expensive is because the materials in the solar panel can be difficult to reproduce and also the other components like the rechargeable battery and the controller board.

Utilizing solar energy might be a good way to conserve on energy costs, but there are also downsides to this. For instance, cloudy weather conditions can affect the solar cells ability to absorb solar energy efficiently. Solar post lights are not suitable in places where there is snow. Also, the rechargeable battery has its own recharge cycle and it needs to be replaced within a few years.

Benefits Of Deck Lighting

Everybody works hard to make sure that they have the perfect patio and backyard that would allow them to throw parties and other events at home. Having a large and well-lit deck is a great way to show your home to any of its potential visitors, but when visitors come and stay after the sun has set, it is essential to make sure you have adequate lighting on the deck to avoid any potential damage.

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to platform lighting. Today, you can choose from a variety of things and you can actually get something that would meet both your budget and needs. Most of the time, owners will buy a plain light that is too bright for hosting all kinds of events in the backyard. Led deck lights can in fact keep the garden well lit, but when it comes to serving people on the platform at night, as festoon lighting really makes it harder for your guests to enjoy the party.

Consider deck lighting to enhance the outdoor look of your homes.

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As a result, it is also important to make sure you have an alternative form of lighting platform that will allow you to hold the event without making any of your guests feel uncomfortable. But once again, to find the right equipment and lamps to use, you should find out how much you’re willing to spend.

You should also understand that proper lighting is essential for the security of your residence. The well-lit house is a deterrent to possible intruders. Of course, this does not mean that a thief will never try to sneak into your house. However, they are more likely to choose someone else’s house just because it doesn’t have any lights on at night, unlike yours which is well lit.  These are some of the benefits of deck lighting.

Choosing The Best Driveway Lights

The proper use of outdoor lighting is becoming increasingly popular for those who want to make their home look better at night. It’s also becoming popular to those who want to add additional functionality to their homes. The use of headlamps is a way to add a certain look to your backyard, as well as the provision of additional lighting at night. There are different styles that can be used to achieve a number of different viewpoints.

Driveway lighting can help increase the value of your home, as well as increase the curb appeal. However, even if you do not plan to sell your home in the near future, it will make the garden more attractive and provide you light if ever you need to do something outside at night. This can help provide the necessary light when you’re carrying groceries and other items inside. This will provide additional light to visiting friends or relatives. It may also be useful if you’re outside with your kids or pets overnight.

There are many advantages of putting driveway lights.

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Driveway lighting can also help illuminate all landscaped areas near the driveway. Your beautiful plants and flowers can be seen at night and during the day, providing a welcoming look to your home. There are several types of driveway lights to choose from. What you choose will depend on several things. If you’re building a new house, you can add grow lights to your house plans because it is easier to choose exactly what you want when the lighting is built into the plans. However, there are still many options if you’re going to add it to existing homes.

Asphalt or spotlights are a good option if you do not want any fixing protruding from the earth. Paver lights are made of stone or brick pavers that are installed in the driveway so they are aligned with it. Built-in lights can be installed in driveway pavers or can be created along its side. There are different styles of post lights. They are also popular for use on driveways. Your choice of height will depend on the size and shape of the region where they will be installed.  Driveway solar lights are another option. They are very easy to install and require no electricity to run so they are very economical.

Bollard lights can also work well for this purpose. If you have a shorter path, a light falling on both sides of the beginning of the disk can help light the curb the well. Look at all your options before making a final decision because there are many choices. Also, do not forget to include the cost of installation so you won’t have any difficulty in making a decision.

Choosing The Best Lighting For Your Home – 8 Powerful Tips

Lighting is one of the most important features of interior design. Often people spend hours choosing the colour of their paint or their furniture and yet in essence colour is only the way in which light reflects upon an object.

Therefore lighting is actually of the utmost importance. Bad lighting not only detracts from your homes appearance it can also cause a number of health related problems such as poor eyesight and recurring headaches. Good lighting on the other hand can uplift the mood as well as maximize the space and furniture within your home.

Before you start to consider which lighting is important for your home first read through these 8 tips to make the most out of your lighting.

1. Know the different types of lighting

There are four different types of lighting and it is important to know the role of each one before you decide which lighting is most appropriate for each room within your home.

Natural Lighting: This is the light which is present naturally within our homes and environments. It can be either sunlight or moonlight.

Accent Lighting: This is the form of lighting which is used to highlight certain features such as paintings, or parts of rooms within your home. To be effective, accent lighting requires at least three times as much light to be focused on the selected feature as the general lighting surrounding it.

Ambient Lighting: This is an artificial form of light which best attempts to mimic natural light. A central source of ambient light in all rooms is the foundation of a good lighting plan.

Task Lighting: This is the most functional type of lighting and is used to carry out a particular task such as reading or writing.

2. Know the sources of natural light in your home

Depending on the direction from which natural light enters your home it can have a range of characteristics which are important for you to understand in order to choose the best accompanying light fixtures.

North facing: This is a much colder and harsher form of natural light.

East facing: This light is bright first thing in the morning and then characterized by long shadows and an absence of sunshine in the afternoon and evening.

South facing: South facing rooms will have a much warmer natural light all day with the brightest point being midday. South facing rooms are excellent choices for rooms in which you spend the majority of your time for example the kitchen and living rooms.

West facing: These rooms can get quite a lot of glare from the natural sunlight and can be quite warm at the hottest part of the day.

Choosing the right lighting for your homes.

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3. Make a lighting plan

Before you begin to buy any lights for your home first draw up a lighting plan. To do so you should draw up a layout plan of your house and room-by-room answer the following questions:

– What is this room primarily used for?
– What are the key features in each room that you wish to accentuate?
– Who uses this room? An older person requires many times more light for reading than a child.
– At what times of day will people use this room?
– What are the sources of natural light in the room and during which parts of the day?
– What are the current drawbacks to each room? This can include the size or ceiling height.

Now mark on your plan the key features of each room including windows, furniture and existing fixtures. Now taking into account the types of fixtures available to you and the different types of lighting you are ready to go shopping with your plan. Do not be afraid to ask questions when buying light fixtures, and use your map to demonstrate to the sales assistant the space for which you are buying light fixtures.

4. Maximize natural light

There are few things as nice as sitting in a sun drenched lounge room on a Sunday morning. Natural light really is central to any good lighting plan. However it is also capable of being manipulated to give your home the best possible natural lighting. Remember that seasonal fluctuations in light must be taken into account when seeking to maximize natural light in your own home.

Here are some quick ways to make the most of the natural light in your home:

– Hang mirrors opposite windows to catch sunlight and reflect it around the room.
– Block out harsh sunlight with roller blinds.
– Use glass paneled inner doors to allow natural light to filter around your home.
– Trim any outside vegetation which may block out sunlight.
– Use pale carpets and furnishings as they will reflect more natural light.
– Layer your lighting.

The best lighting plan uses natural light plus a combination of the three types of artificial light to accentuate the best features of your home and also mask any negative aspects such as smaller rooms. Do not feel restricted to one type of lighting within any room. There are many different types of lighting available today and often the best way to use them is in conjunction with others.

5. Change the dimensions of your room

Clever lighting tricks can completely alter the appearance of any room.

Here’s what you can do to make the room appear larger:

– Uplighting can focus light onto the ceiling and walls therefore giving an impression of more space.
– Light up one end of the room as this will pull the eye towards that end making the room seem larger.
– Put lights in each corner of the room.
Make the room appear taller or smaller:
– Vertical light beams give an impression of higher ceilings.
– Use low-hanging pendant lights to add height to a low-ceiling.
– Use numerous different small lamps to make a larger high-ceilinged room seem cozier.

6. Types of lighting decoration

Ambient Light can be accomplished with chandeliers and ceiling light fixtures.
Task Lighting can be achieved using desk lamps. Task lighting should be bright enough to prevent eye strain.

Accent lighting uses fixtures such as backlighting or spotlighting to draw attention to particular features.

7. Energy saving tips

Perhaps the most important energy saving tip for lighting is to ensure lights are turned off when a room is not in use. It is also a good idea to use energy saving light bulbs as they use up to 80% less electricity than normal ones. Remember that many energy saving bulbs are not necessarily compatible with dimmer switches and this is something to enquire about before you make your purchase.

Uses Of Stainless Steel Solar Garden Lights

If you are trying to use various solar lights to illuminate your home outdoors then the best option is to look for the amazing stainless steel solar garden lights. Solar garden lights come in all shapes and sizes and even finishes and colors depending on the kind you want for yourself. They can be a part of the overall décor of the garden and they can also be used for illumination all other areas of the outdoor. They can be used in a number of ways. You can buy a number of smaller lights for the garden and create accents or you can use one big light that provides focused illumination. You can even keep a creative combination of the two of them – the sky is the limit because there is one thing that you do not have to worry about when making use of solar powered lights – the electricity bills!

Know the benefits of having stainless steel solar garden lights.

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No matter how much you turn them on it will not have any effect on the bill because stainless steel solar garden lights make use of smart solar panels to store the sun’s energy and use it for lighting up the LEDs inside the lights. So throughout the day the solar light is going to take charge from the sun’s rays and when sunset comes, the lights will turn on, making use of that stored energy to light up driveways and outdoor areas like the garden and patio. There are so many things that you can do with these amazing solar lights. Another benefit of the solar lights is that they help conserve energy which is great for the environment. So you are doing an earth friendly thing while at the same time saving yourself those high amounts of electricity bills! Your home can look unique and focused in the entire street if you make good use of these solar powered lights.

You can also use these amazing set of lights for a number of other purposes. The internet is full of more information about solar panel outdoor lights and you can find a variety of options from pool side lighting to outdoor sign lighting that can be done with these amazing solar powered lights for the garden and outdoor area. You can also install a big solar outdoor light in the driveway for additional security and safety. This driveway light can also help increase visibility in that area and it will make your home less susceptible to crimes and thefts. These lights can also be used for the propane fire pit.

LED Grow Lights Are For Indoor Gardening

When you decide to have an indoor garden, one of the first decisions you must make is deciding on a light source.  LED grow lights have become one of the more popular types of grow light.  Among the reasons for their growing popularity is that they don’t require a separate cooling system as most other types of grow lights do. We’ll examine this further, but first let’s look at some other reasons.

A good reason to choose LED grow lights over other types of grow lights is their greater efficiency.  An explanation of how plants use light will help make clear why this is so important.

When it comes to producing food, plants use part of the red-orange range of the spectrum, and for reproduction, they use part of the blue-violet range.  Most of the rest of the spectrum is not used.  Conventional LED grow lights produce light over a much greater range of the spectrum, and thus waste energy making light that is useless to the plant.  But what if you could design a light that only produces precisely those wavelengths of light that plants actually use?  Well, that’s exactly what researchers have been able to do.  LED lights can now be made that emit the exact colors of light that are wanted, and in the case of grow lights, it’s those two ranges mentioned earlier.

LED grow lights are good for indoor gardening.

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Another thing LED grow lights don’t waste energy making is heat.  At least not as much as other types of grow lights.  The heat that is made occurs in the base of the LED where it is not a danger to the plants.  Conventional grow lights produce a lot of heat and it is radiated outward onto the plants, where it tends to over dry them and can even burn them.  That’s why when using conventional grow lights a separate cooling fan system is needed to protect the plants.  This isn’t the case with LED grow lights.  Since they run cooler, they also save on watering costs.

LED grow lights also last a long time.  Far longer than any other light source.  Most will last anywhere from 25,000 to 100,000 hours, which is much longer than any other kind of grow light.

There is a downside to LED grow lights however.  They cost more than conventional types of grow lights.  But due to lower watering costs, the fact that there is no need for an additional cooling system, higher efficiency, and long life, in many instances the LED grow lights turn out to actually cost less in the long run.

Must-Have Outdoor Lighting Fixtures: The Outdoor Sconce And The Latern

It is easy to get confused and overwhelmed when shopping for outdoor lighting fixtures. There are really two must have outdoor wall lights that every home needs. The first is an outdoor sconce and the second is outdoor lanterns. Sconces are perfect for the front door and/or garage area. Outdoor lanterns are perfect to compliment the back yard.

Finding the perfect outdoor sconces isn’t always easy. Sure there are hundreds of styles from dozens of manufacturers, but which one is right for you and your home’s decor?  Let’s start with where you put the sconces and work from there. One sconce, placed on either side of the door, is the classic positioning. So the obvious question is how big is your front entry way area? Is it large? Then you can choose larger outdoor sconces for the scheme. If you have a small area around the front door — as so many condos and town homes do —  then you may, quite honestly have to forego the sconce idea and install an overhead light. The key with any wall sconce, and it is important to understand the difference between indoor sconces and outdoor sconces before we go any further — an outdoor sconce has heavy duty wiring inside. The wires are coded for extreme temperatures and wrapped and sealed to keep out moisture. Could you install an indoor sconce outside? Of course! It is a fire hazard? Yes! So don’t do it.

Realize the beauty of using outdoor sconce and lantern.

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Finding the right lantern for the back yard can be more tricky. Outdoor lanterns come in many varieties and the right one for you depends on how much lighting you need and how often you will be using the yard as another room of the house. I can’t answer those questions for you. But if you only use the yard occasionally, say a handful of times over the summer months, then you can easily use candle-lit lanterns for your back yard illumination. Candle light is lovely and cheap to install. You could, depending on the layout of your patio area, even use a few strategically placed candle sconce arrangements for close-in lighting. Of course, you could use outdoor sconces in front and back. That is perfectly acceptable.

The most important thing for you to take away from this article is that an outdoor sconce is a perfect and inexpensive way to light your front door entry and outdoor lanterns can give you the light you need while entertaining in the back yard. Everything else about outdoor lighting fixtures — the shapes, size and price — those things are the details that make shopping fun. So as you shop the lighting super store, relax because you know where to look and what to buy.

Piano Lamp Styles

There are many people that really enjoy decorating and creating great light in their homes by purchasing a piano lamp. If you were to take the time to research these lamps you would see why. You are able to create just about any style that you can imagine by looking at the different styles of lamps that are available. Once you have decided on the décor in the room, you will certainly be able to find a lamp that will fit that décor and complete the style you are after. It is important to remember that this lamp does not have to be on the piano only. You do have a lot of other options.

Some people will consider going with a brass piano lamp. This is a wonderful way to add soft lighting to any room. The brass would look good in a classy room where you may have some antiques or old family photos. Think about how nice that would look and how well it would accentuate the portraits that you care so much about. The soft glow from the lamp would be just enough light to make the pictures stand out.

Now, if you are truly going to be using this lamp on the piano then you might want to strongly consider purchasing one that you can clip onto the piano. This is a great way to get the light that you are looking for without taking up much space on the piano itself. Many people will consider this option because it seems to make the piano look less cluttered. It also helps them direct the light to the position that is best for them while they are playing.

Have you ever considered a floor piano lamp? Again, this is a unique option that many people enjoy because they can place it behind a chair, or behind the couch, and it will give them the lighting that they need to read a book or look at a magazine without illuminating the entire room. This would also make it a great addition to any bedroom so that you could relax and enjoy a nice book in the evening hours without disturbing your partner while he, or she, is trying to sleep.

Choosing the right style of piano lamp.

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Black lamps may look great in an office setting. They will give a nice glow for you while you are trying to complete your office work but they will not illuminate the entire office. These lamps may also be a wonderful gift for any college students that are going to be studying into late in the evening but they do not want to disturb their roommate.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless when it comes to these types of lamps. There are many places where you can purchase these as well. You can start by looking at the local furniture store, or some of the new super stores that have developed over the country. There seems to be one in every town. You do not have to go to expensive stores to purchase a nice lamp like this. You really just need to shop around to find the style that you are looking for. If you are not having any luck looking at the stores located near you, you can then begin looking on the internet. If you simply type in piano lamp on a search engine you will be able to identify a large amount of stores that sell these lamps. One good thing about going this route is that you will not have to limit yourself with the styles that are available to you. You will find that they have a large number of styles to select from.

Rustic Wall Sconces

If you love the idea of bringing a little bit of the outside indoors, or simply love cottage or country lifestyle, the chances are you are attracted to traditional house redecorating. While it’s fairly simple to locate all sorts of rustic furniture, lighting can be more difficult. Luckily though, you will find a wide variety of ways for rustic decor, and rustic wall sconces really are a great alternative.

So what exactly are rustic wall sconces?

Fundamentally, they look like a regular outdoor sconce that seem to be rougher than your usual fancy wall lighting, or are made from natural materials, plus they are often enhanced with natural motifs. Typically, they appear more at home in a cottage than in an ultra-modern downtown condo. Instead of shiny brass or modern shapes, they appear a tad bit more used and at ease.

Realize the beauty of using rustic wall sconces.

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Wrought iron rustic wall sconces are extremely popular, and they go along with all sorts of furniture. You can utilize it indoors in any room, or outside the house specifically if you have wrought iron patio furniture. Wrought iron rustic wall sconces go very well with French Country decor. Many wrought iron sconces are decorated with cut out designs in natural motifs, like leaves or ivy.

Rustic wall sconces in a Silver finish look good as well.

These are made with cast Aluminum, and a Silver finish is applied. The finish may be shiny, or it may be intentionally antiqued so it appears to be an antique or hand-me-down lantern. Occasionally, the finish was created to look really old with a verdigris finish, making the lantern seem like it’s aged over decades. The lantern might use glass or faux alabaster to produce a warm, homey ambiance when you add a light bulb or candles.

Rustic wall sconces in burnished Bronze with White glass are perfect for porches, living spaces, bedrooms or hallways in the rustic property. The aged look combined with the warmth of the White glass, lit from inside, creates a very cozy warm ambiance.

If you love the style of real wood, you’ll find rustic wall sconces with wooden frames. Some may have glass, or even a type of paper enclosing the source of light. These are perfect if you really love bringing organic elements in to your home. For those who have lots of wood, then wood rustic wall sconces will set your room off completely.

The key to using rustic wall sconces is by using them in twos. You don’t want to just hang one within an area, as they often look strange and out of balance unless of course they have a partner. A good way to use sconces should be to hang one on either sides of a mirror, or to hang them in sets along a hallway. Two sconces over your bed not only offer a good source of light for bedtime reading, but also anchor your bed in the room and help your bed be much more of a centerpiece.

One other good place to put them is about the front deck, where a set of rustic wall sconces welcomes visitors to your house with an inviting, homey ambiance.

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Why Use A Gooseneck Lamp?

There are many benefits gained when using a gooseneck lamp. They are extremely adjustable, available in many different styles and sizes and can be either decorative or functional. It can be placed in your library or room next to your pine bookcase. The main reason most people purchase these lamps is because of the flexible nature of the neck of the lamp. You can shine the lamp in any direction you like, even around behind the lamp itself as they are that flexible. They are also great for placing in corners or behind furniture.  They can also be a good piano lamp. Most lamps have one neck and shade while others have either one neck that is split at the top with two shades on it, or two necks each with their own shade at the end. Naturally, these can shine light in two directions. Others are more simple, just one neck and shade.

The advantages of having gooseneck lamps in your home.

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Gooseneck floor lamps are gaining in popularity. They can sit nicely in a corner, illuminating shadowed areas, or they can sit behind a reading chair, allowing the light to shine over one shoulder onto your reading material. Many floor lamps have multiple shades. These can be used to provide lighting to people sitting in two different chairs, or they can be purely decorative. The more decorative type often have color coordinated shades. Many of these type of lamps can be regulated as to how many bulbs are shining at any one time, thus utilizing modern energy saving features.

If you are looking for a more traditional style desk lamp there are plenty to be found. While the student lamp is usually more basic in style, designer lamps can be very decorative and classy. Some are made with a brushed steel base, other bronze. Some also have gold edging around parts of the lamp. Naturally, these do cost quite a bit more than the regular gooseneck lamp but they do have an elegant air that is simply charming.

With so many choices available, you should easily be able to find a gooseneck lamp that suits each location in your home.

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