Solar Garden Lights Use a Free Energy Source

If you want to add some additional lighting around the outside of your home then solar garden lights may be what you need. Solar lights draw their power from the sun, which is a completely free energy source. They are easy to install and there is a large range of styles available to suit your needs.

Solar garden lights come equipped with a solar panel made up of an array of photovoltaic cells. This solar panel is what collects the energy from the sun that is then used to power the light. The sun’s energy is collected and converted to power and then used to charge the batteries. This process is completely automatic, with the light turning on when it gets dark and off again in the morning. Most outdoor solar lights use low energy consumption LED bulbs which give a brighter light and last much longer than regular bulbs.

The many benefits of solar garden lights make them the best choice for use outside your home. They use the sun’s free energy, so they are energy efficient and economical to run. The LED bulbs they use do not heat up like other bulbs, so they are safe to touch. They do not need to be connected to power, so there are no wires or cables involved. This means they are easy to install, just make sure they are in a position to receive the most sunlight during the day. They are very low maintenance, so once you have installed them, there is not much else for you to do.

There is a large range of different types of light fixtures available with solar lights, so you can find something to suit your needs. Garden stake lights, fairy lights and multi-colored string lights are ideal for use throughout your garden and along paths and walkways. Spot lights, in-deck lights, lanterns and post lights are great around decks and patios. Security around your home can be improved with the use of a motion sensor solar security light. You can even get decorative solar lights for the Christmas season, and garden ornaments and water fountains that operate on solar power.

Use solar garden lights around the outside of your home today and enjoy the many benefits of using free, renewable and economical solar power.

Advantages Of Going For Deck Lighting

When the recession started, people have been more creative on how they would decorate their homes. In the past when you think of home improvement you simply make a plan and then execute it. Nowadays, people are more cautious on how they would spend their hard earned money. They would always weigh the other benefits and the cost when they decide to invest on a particular project. Some people would try and consider deck lighting. The good thing about installing this is you can create a more modern home without spending that much.

If you are the type of person who likes to spend time at home it would be easier for you to do home improvements. You can also consider installing solar lights if you want to save on energy cost. Try to check online and look for new outdoor patio lighting designs and see what would work best with your current set up. You can also check out patios that are similar to yours so that you can envision how it would look like ones you have these lights installed. The advantage of using these solar panels is it automatically turns on during the crack of dawn.

Some would also use the ones that have a sensor so that when you are out on a vacation it would automatically light up when it senses people passing by this would definitely alarm burglars who are trying to enter your home. There are so many advantages of having this type of set up. When you are installing home fixtures for the first time installing these lights is not that challenging. You don’t need to hire a contractor to do the job for you because this can be done by almost everyone. When you get the hang of it you can definitely plan for your next home improvement project.

Finding The Right Deck Lighting

Deck lighting can be used as both a practical lighting option as well as a decorative device for your deck or patio.  You can go with a theme or motif with your deck lighting design or you can find something versatile to change your options for special occasions and events.  You can even find various deck lighting fixtures for recessed step lights, railing lights, hanging lights, wall sconces and various other kinds of lighting for the landscape.

One of the most important aspects of your deck lighting is the kind of function you want it to serve.  For instance, you may want lights for safety.  Recessed step lights are great to prevent you from falling or tripping over your steps due to insufficient light.  These lights can be just as stylish as any other and come in a variety of styles.  You can get lights ideal for brick structures as well as lights made of materials such as stainless steel.

If you plan on changing your style every once in a while, you may want to look into something a little more versatile light hanging lights rather than a permanent fixture.  Hanging lights are not only interchangeable but also give you a wide range of illumination.  You can also easily store these lights during the colder seasons so that they are not susceptible to weather conditions.

You have other options when it comes to deck lighting.  For example, you may want to look into solar lights if you would like a greener option.  You can even look for lights that affix to posts or railings or flow along pathways and walkways if you want even more safety with your lighting.  With so many options available, you are bound to find the lighting just right for your deck, patio or landscaping.

Choosing Gazebo Chandeliers

Outdoor spaces are special to all of us. With summer time in full bloom everyone loves to move outside and enjoy the sunny days and warm nights. Spaces of the home that get lots of attention this time of the year are porches, decks, dining patios, and gazebos. Lighting plays an important role in making these areas match the home’s exterior design and also making these areas more usable after dark.

The first thing to remember when looking for lighting for any of these areas is that they need lighting that is suitable for wet or damp locations. Interior lighting is not suitable and should not be used. The risk of harm is too high. That is why specialty outdoor lighting is available– not just to rise the cost of a light fixture. The second thing to bare in mind is that even if an outdoor chandelier is UL approved for outdoor use, it still needs some shelter. It should not be placed where water can drain down onto it or where it is in direct contact with falling snow and rainstorms. A damp area means that it still has a roof overhead and is sheltered.

Using gazebo chandeliers adds style and uniqueness to your gazebos.

flickr by chrissandoval

For a gazebo the high pointed ceiling makes it a choice for an outdoor chandelier. If the gazebo is very wide then a table can be sat in the middle. This works perfectly for a chandelier to hang above. Chandeliers with longer chains built into them are easier to install. Then it can be suspended from either the peak or a support beam within the ceiling composition.

If the gazebo is on the smaller size, a traditional outdoor chandelier may not work as well. The a narrower composition may be a better choice. This can be found in some chandeliers. Another solution is the use of a hanging lantern. Some only offer one light, but others are made with three or four light bulbs built into them. This allows the same amount of light as a chandelier but takes up less space.

Shopping for gazebo chandeliers and other exterior lighting is often done both in a mortar and brick store and also on line. Seeing something in a photo may look attractive, but also getting to touch it and see it in person is a great advantage. It is often a combination of both that occurs before someone purchases it. Gazebos are special buildings that are much more used if properly lit.

Four Great Outdoor String Lighting Options For Your Outdoor Functions

Over the past few years, string lights have become one of the most sought after outdoor lighting preferences mainly due to flexibility in its applications and use. Mostly utilized for garden parties and outside events, they set the atmosphere and theme while spicing up the household.

While most people thought that food, music and drink commonly create the mood at social events, its actually outdoor string lighting that sets the stage for an outside function where adults and children all get a thrill from the colorful glow that the lights disperse. Although they are available in various sizes, colors and forms, the type of lighting you choose depend on the motif, place and budget of the host.

Yet, when selecting the lighting for your yard, you must ensure that the string lights were absolutely designed to be used outdoors. This would mean that they are durable and can withstand the hostile weather conditions like rain, snow and sun. Here are four great outdoor string lighting options that you can choose for your outside functions.

Outdoor string lighting is a great option especially during special occasions.

flickr by Misconceiving Moments

1. Incandescent Light – These are inexpensive conventional lights that are commonly used to decorate houses and trees during holidays. However, this light have its downsides. If used for longer periods or if installed improperly, it tend to become hot. Thus, posing as a fire hazard. Also, the bulb require frequent replacements due to its short life span.

2. LED Lights – The most popular choice nowadays for outdoor lighting aternatives. It consume about 75% less energy as compared to incandescent lights and emit very little heat, significantly reducing the risk of a fire. Likewise, it has long life span.

3. Solar-Powered Lights – LED lights can also be hooked up to a solar panel to transform them into solar-powered lights. In this process, the string lights used the least amount of energy because they use sunlight as their energy source. They switch on automatically when it becomes dark outside, and switch off once daylight dawns again.

4. Marine Rope Lights – As the name connotes, these lights are mainly used in sail boats. They are composed of transparent rubber tubing that encases continuous strings of lights. Due to the tubing, the lights are completely protected from the elements, making them great for outdoor string lightings.

LED Landscape Lighting Design

A great new way to produce an attractive decor at night is using LED landscape lighting fixtures. The right lighting can make any outdoor garden look extravagant. Landscaping design can help to make the outdoor exterior of any property look good during the daylight and twilight hours. What makes LED landscape lighting design popular is the flexibility of the fixtures, easy maintenance, and the low energy consumption. The biggest drawback is that hiring a professional installation company can be expensive.

Hiring a professional company means that a homeowner will have to pay for the cost of the lighting, the labor for installation, and other fees that are charged. It is always a hassle when trying to schedule your life around the schedule of a professional company. Some companies may try to sell additional lighting or accessories that you may not need.

LED landscape lighting design for your patio.

flickr by Switzer's Nursery & Landscaping

A good alternative to these problems is using the new DIY kits that are available. These LED landscape lighting fixtures make it easy to install the lighting on your own time and not have to worry about extra expenses or hassles when dealing with a third party company. These kits include helpful tips on installation and design. There are many websites that feature helpful information to make the installation process easier for LED landscape lighting design.

Any person that has the desire to create a new decor with light will appreciate the ease of use of LED landscape lighting fixtures. The right lighting makes the exterior property and accessories look great, but are also used as a safety measure. Lighting the steps, porches, decks, and walkways are also important. It is no excuse to have an average yard or property when the costs of LED lights are so affordable. Any homeowner can improve the quality of their exterior garden or landscape by purchasing these easy to use kits.

Landscape Lighting for the Stylish Gardner

If you take pride in your garden then you will no doubt want to make it look the best it can possibly look. Gardens are not just meant to be admired during the day, they can be made to look even more delectable during evening hours. To illuminate your garden at night, consider investing in some landscape lighting or an outdoor sconce. Go to any garden or home ware store and you will see a wide range of outdoor lighting to choose from. You might want to take a look at both electric and solar power lights. Solar lights are cheap and less hassle to run. Electrical lights are not so cheap to run but give off a brighter  light beam than the solar variety.

Electric Lighting

Electricity is very important. Many appliances we have at home wont work without it. One particular item is your free standing electric cookers which is a must for many individuals or housewives. Aside from the appliances, electricity makes good landscape lighting possible. You will find a wide range of electric lighting to choose from, they are the best thing if you need something very bright. However if you are not a dab hand at electrical installation you might want to get someone who knows what they are doing to install them. They normally come with wires that need installing in the correct way. You also have to change the bulbs when they run out but you can get long lasting energy saving light bulbs that will save you money as well as save energy.  You can get the standalone electric lighting, they look very nice but they require more skilful installation. You can also get the type that are fixed to the wall. Whichever you decide to go for, lighting will give your garden a different look and feel.

The beauty of landscape lighting.

flickr by Mohamed Haykal

Solar Lighting

Solar lights are sometimes being not allowed to enter the room for some reasons that’s why you use black out blinds but it give a lot of good things when it comes to landscape lighting as they save you money and require little or no maintenance. You do have to charge them up though during sunlight hours so that they will be good for the evening otherwise they won’t work. There are different types of solar lighting, because there are some that use large solar panels. Then there are some that use small solar panels that sit on the casing of the lights enabling them to absorb the suns energy during the day. This type of lighting is a guilt free way of giving your garden the look and feel of a professionally landscaped garden.

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Basic Designs For Garden Spot Lights

Having a garden of your own is a nice way to relax and enjoy creating something that is both fruitful and beautiful. But you need a lot of things and tools to make your garden look beautiful so you should be financially prepared. The tools and equipments that you need are garden carts, shovels, garden hose, rakes, garden urns, LED grow lights and a lot more. These are used to protect your plants which are the main spot in your garden. There are also many products you can use to help enhance the overall effect of your particular garden space. You will find many statues, tiles and lights that are designed to be used in a garden area. Garden spot lights are created to add a special focused light around the specific area to create an enhanced effect for the evening hours. It is very functional as a gooseneck lamp and a piano lamp in the bedroom or library.

Garden spot lights enhance the look of your garden.

flickr by elspethbriscoe

Many of the styles available come as ground lighting that has the head or light portion attached to a small stake. This stake is inserted into the ground to secure the light in place. Because these items are small in size, they can easily be hidden under a bush to keep the area more attractive in appearance. It may also be used to highlight your fireplace designs by positioning well. The head portion is usually designed as a swivel style so you can position it to a certain degree up or down. These small spotlights are available in different designs that include low wattage, solar and LED styles of lighting. The solar spot lights are especially popular due to their low cost of operation. A variation on the stake design will be the units that come as bracket styles you can mount to any flat surface area.

There are also some taller designs of lights for use in a garden. These often resemble a lantern post light and will come in several different designs. Copper is commonly used for creating the top decorative portion on some of these styles because it weathers naturally to enhance the look of the piece over time. This style of light is popular for use as an attractive ornamental design in the garden by day and a source of light by night. You may find a few lights that can use different colored bulbs to create a special lighting effect for your garden space.

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Benefits Of Solar Spot Lights

At the mention of the word “spot lights”, you automatically think of a night time search and rescue mission, but they can be for so many other things. They might light up areas in your garden like your garden urns full of beautiful flowers, a fountain, your pathway, the side of your home, or even used commercially to light up a billboard, your business or products, which are left outside. Fountain and garden spot lights are lightweight and easy to install and will save you money on your electric bill. These are as economical as LED grow lights. There is an outdoor sconce that is solar powered available in home improvement stores near you.

Solar powered spot light are made from PVC plastic, poly Resin, stainless steel, or copper plaiting to name a few. During the daylight hours, they absorb the rays from the sun and store that in their batteries. They have their own automatic light level meter so will turn themselves on when the light gets dim enough and turn themselves off when the sun comes back. When the battery is fully charged, they have enough power to last 8 to 10 hours.

The initial cost of buying the lights will be a little more than the electrical ones, but you save the money you would have had to pay an electrician to install the electrical lights. After buying the lights, the only expense you have is to replace the batteries, and it will give you an idea of how long they last on the box. Some garden solar spot lights last for about 2 years.

Using solar spot lights in your garden really brings a lot of benefits.

flickr by Scott Garsed-Donnelly

The advantages of solar powered outdoor spot lights are the ease to install them. Since you do not need electricity, you can install them almost anywhere. They do not require much maintenance maintenance. The disadvantages are they need lots of sun, they are not as bright as the electrical equivalent and they cannot stay lit as long.

Unless you live somewhere like Palm Springs, CA or Yuma AZ where the sun shines almost all the time, you may need to check with a knowledgeable technician at the lighting store to see if you get enough sunshine. Only you can decide how bright the light has to be, you can always buy one with a higher wattage. They are good for the environment and your pocketbook so give it a try.

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Making Your Home Safer With Hampton Bay Outdoor Lighting

One of the best ways to make your home a safer place at night is to install Hampton Bay outdoor light fixtures.  Installing these lights will prevent people from trips and falls around your property while it’s dark and even help to prevent robberies.  Here are a few of the best ways that you can use your Hampton Bay lights to make your home safer.

First, install some motion sensor activated lighting outside the entry ways of your home.  This does two things.  First, they will light up whenever you get home late at night, allowing you to see exactly where you are going.  No long will you have to dig for keys under outdoor cushions and fumble around in the dark looking for the lock.   Second, installing lights like this will help to make your home a little more less attractive to potential robbers.  It makes your home a much less attractive target, however, it won’t stop someone who is determined to get in, so always make your lights as part of your larger home security plan. It makes you feel at ease even if you are inside your room, which is very dark and gloomy because of your black out blinds.

Know the reasons why it is good to consider Hampton Bay outdoor lighting.

flickr by Andrew|W

After you have your main security lighting done, look at installing some path lights to  make your home safer.  Path lights can be used in many different areas of your home, from the driveway to the areas leading up to your deck, and they are incredibly useful.  They show people where to walk and illuminate the way so you prevent trips and falls.  Not only do they make your home safer, when they’re done right they make your home more inviting as well.

Always try to integrate your path lighting with stair lighting.  The garden lightsgarden spot lights or outdoor sconce are incredibly important since most slips and falls happen around stairs.  Make sure they are well lit.

Installing Hampton Bay outdoor light fixtures is a great way to make your home safer.  Follow these tips and you will be well on your way to getting the best lighting for your property.

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