Log Home Maintenance: Caring for Your Home

You should always be conscious with log home maintenance to prolong the life and beauty of your home. Just like any other dwelling, it requires a significant amount of upkeep and care. Aside from providing you and your loved ones with a beautiful home, you will also be helping keep its value, should you think of selling it in the future. Log homes are lovely to look at, but preserving that charming, rustic look may take some time and money. If you shower your home with loving care, it will also remain to be an extremely comfortable shelter for you.

Choosing a Log Home as Your Abode

For most home owners, they choose to build a log home because of the wonderful, welcoming, cozy feel that it projects. When you see a beautifully constructed log home, you immediately picture warm, comfortable nights by the fireplace, extremely inviting living areas, restful-looking bedrooms, and homey kitchens. You can picture a delightful country style feel that makes one immediately feel at home. You just want to kick off your shoes and sink into the plush-looking sofa surrounded by soft, attractive rugs. It has a classic appeal that withstands any change in trends. It is not too old-fashioned that it seems left behind by the current times. It is neither too modern that it looks too intimidating and unfamiliar to some people.

Caring for Your Log Home

When performing log home maintenance chores, remember to wear gloves when needed and to wear work clothes. You do not want your regular clothes bearing witness to all the home repair that you will be doing. Since your home will obviously be exposed to all sorts of weather conditions, it has to be treated with a special log stain. This is similar to the sunblock that you apply to your skin. To check whether your stain is still working, try spraying some of the logs with water. If the moisture beads up and rolls off easily, your stain is still effective. Regarding the type of stain you will use, some experts recommend oil-based stains as compared to water-based stains. It lasts longer, about five to seven years, while water-based stains may need to be reapplied after three to five years. It is also easier to handle because water-based stains tend to be too runny.

About twice a year, conduct a visual appraisal of the exterior of your home. If you spot any dark spots caused by rain splatters, you may use a water and bleach solution to gently brush it off. Allow the treated areas to dry before you stain them. You should also watch out for cracks that might get bigger, letting in water, the cold air, or even bugs. You can use caulk specially formulated for logs to seal off any cracks.

Taking care of your log home is just like caring for anything else that you own and want to last. Be sure to be updated on log home maintenance tips so that your attractive abode will continue to be safe and comfortable for you and your loved ones

Home And Improvement: The Advantages Of Cork Board Tiles

For a modern homeowner you will find cork board tiles to be complementary to your modern lifestyle. And why not? Whether you’re living on a rented space or apartment or in a space efficient home, cork board tiles will let you optimize space in the most appropriate ways possible. Modern living is characterized by a huge emphasis on space efficiency; minimalism is the most distinguishable characteristics. And if you need stylish divisions inside your living space, then you will find that cork board tiles are good organizing solutions.

When you really come to think about the advantages of corkboard tiles, you will come up with, more or less, the usual points. One of them is of to ensure properly organized schedules and updated tasks. You probably have seen large cork board tiles that are either used as notice boards or black boards in home, academic and office settings. If you tend to lose track of some of the things that you should do for a particular time frame then what could be more ideal than having all those important and urgent tasks pinned up on your wall for you to see everyday?

Cork board tiles are also the best solutions for walling and flooring solutions. Because they are durable, water-resistant and sturdy, they make good divisions in the house without taking too much space. Also, cork board tiles are also distinct for its sound-proof quality and therefore you need not have to worry about possible creaking sounds. The highly insulated characteristics in cork board tiles make them ideal materials for making sound boxes as well.

You can always deny that cork board tiles are easy to install and integrate in a particular space. And also they are easy to pack up in case there will be some layout changes.

And lastly, cork board tiles are made in environmentally-safe way. No chemical additives involved, and ultimately natural in manufacturing process. If you are pushing through green living, then cork board tiles are meant for you.

Advantages Of Installing UPVC French Doors

When you are trying to think of ways to improve your home you can visit home improvement sites that would give you an idea on which steps you need to take. Home renovation can be either hard or easy and everything would be dependent on the extent of work to be done. You may start by checking out upvc french doors. Try to determine the advantages of having something like this before you install one in your home. These double wide doors would allow the sunlight to enter because these are made of glass.

If you are doing home improvement tasks for the first time try to gauge the pros and the cons so that you can start prioritizing the things that you can do. Budget is also a huge consideration that is why you need to have enough resources to be able to finish a particular task. When you are installing a upvc window you have to bear in mind that this can also help you save on energy cost. These windows will help you in blocking the temperature outside your home. This would be very beneficial for people who live in extreme weather conditions. If you want to save on labor cost you can definitely do these things yourself.

Installing a window and a door is not that challenging as long as you have the resources available. Once you have installed your French door you can simply place a couch next to it and you can check out the things outside while you are sitting by the door. When you check online compare prices as well so that you would have an idea if you are getting your money’s worth. When you start doing home improvement tasks you should look at the other benefits so that you would know what to prioritize.

How To Balance A Central Heating System

Balancing a central heating system is done to ensure that the correct amount of heat for all radiators in your system. This is best done when there is an imbalance in the heat spewed out by your radiators. Below, step-by-step instructions for how to balance a central heating system are provided.

1. Begin by turning off the radiators in your central heating system. You will need to wait for your radiators to cool down. This can take a couple of hours or so.

2. Find out which radiators first heat up by checking your central heating system’s pipework. If the pipework is hidden from view, you can check the temperature of the radiators by using a thermometer or manually checking the order by which the radiators in your central heating system heat up first. You may need to switch your radiators off and then on again, to find out which ones are first to heat up. It’s ideal to get the help of other individuals, if you have several radiators in your central heating system. Write down your findings on a piece of paper.

3. Proceed to opening your radiator’s valves, specifically the control valve and lockshield. You can locate the lockshield beneath the plastic cover, on a single side of the radiator, and the control valve should be on the other side.

4. Switch your central heating on again.

5. Begin with the first radiator to heat up. Attach a radiator or differential thermometer to the pipes – both outlet and inlet – and see to it that you do not attach this thermometer to the flow and return pipe. Thermometers for radiators may be purchased or rented.

6. Start to close the lockshield valve slowly, and then slowly open it until there is a 52-degree Fahrenheit (or 11 degrees Celsius) gap in the temperature of the outlet and inlet pipe.

7. Proceed to adjust each of the lockshields on every radiator, and follow the same procedure. Ensure that there is a 52°F or 11°C gap in the temperature of the outlet and inlet pipes. For each succeeding radiator, you will need to open the lockshield valve just a little more, and the last radiator in your list should be virtually to entirely open.

8. Should you fail to balance some of the radiators in your central heating system, then you might need to take them out and flush them. It is likely that these radiators need draining, as well as cleaning.

For more step-by-step guides on how to drain or bleed a central heating system, please visit our website. Also featured in our website are other tips for maintaining your central heating system’s components (pump, radiator, boiler, etc.) and extending its lifespan.

Advice On How To Refinish Your Hardwood Floors

Any home improvement project is definitely a time consuming task. Nevertheless, it is strongly recommended if you want to keep the value of your home. If you have used your hardwood floor for many years without refinishing, then now is the perfect time to do it.

Refinishing your floor will certainly require a lot of hard work and patience. Because of the amount of time and effort that this project requires, some people seek professional help. But unlike the installation of wood floors, refinishing your floor can actually be done without professional assistance. The most important tools and equipment are very easy to use and can be found in rental centers near you. Read on below to learn how to refinish hardwood floors.

Waxing is an excellent way to keep the floor bright and shiny. Refinishing must be done to preserve the beauty and richness of the wood.

Another important reason for finishing wood floors is because it can increase the value of your home. When your home is assessed, you must make sure that each part has a high market value. Finishing wood floors can provide you with the best value that your home deserves. Make sure that your existing floors don’t have any damage. If your hardwood floor has only superficial scratches or rough surface, you can simply fix the top layer to make it look perfect again.

Finishing hardwood floor is a project you can carry out without spending much. If your floor begins to feel rough and uncomfortable to your feet, you can try sanding that particular part to smoothen the rough surface.

When sanding wood floors, you must make sure that you sand the surface with light sand paper, because anything tougher will destroy the wood. Grinding is recommended for scratches on the wood floor. However, a wooden floor can be polished for only a certain number of times because each sanding chips off more wood.

Excessive sanding can jeopardize the rest of the joints because that particular part of the floor will not be as thick as the rest of the floor. This can lead to accidents. You can check the ends of the floor to see how much wood is left. Another good project would be to making a DIY headboard.

Temperature is the main factor that causes the wood to contract and expand. This greatly affects floors made of wood. The expansion of wood can also cause the floor to crack. On the other hand, when the wood floor contracts, it usually leaves a very obvious gap. This is another reason why we need to sand our wood floors.

Learn More About Grubs And How To Get Rid Of Them Quickly

For the last eight years, I have been a professional landscaper. I have done almost any kind of work that is associated with fixing and repairing lawns. Countless times, I have found lawns that have been infected by grubs and tried to help fix these lawns.  Grubs can do a lot of damage to your lawn, especially during the middle of the summer.

Most of the time, white grubs do their damage either in the late fall, or the early spring, but it doesn’t really become apparent until the summer. The reason why is because grubs tend to eat the roots out on your grass plants. Your grass can still survive without its deep roots, but when you have a lot of stress, or heat, these plants tend to wither and die because they do not get enough water. Actually, if you think that you have grubs, it is probably a good idea to treat them with grub control right away. When you’re learning how to get rid of grubs, grub control is the one method that works most of the time. There are a lot of other organic, and less environmentally hostile methods, but grub control with a carbonate or with an organophosphate, is typically the best way to go.

Before applying the grub control, you may want to take a sample of your lawn to see how many grubs you have. In order to do this, you will want to take a 12′ x 12′ square inches, and dig down 2 to 3 inches. Find all the grubs that you can within that 12 in.² space. If you find more than eight grubs, then you probably need to treat your lawn. If your lawn is healthy, it should be able to resist a small population of grubs, but once you have more than 8 to 10 grubs per square foot, they tend to do more damage than the lawn can repair itself, and will eventually kill the lawn if they are not stopped.

Hunter 44550 Auto Save 7 Day Thermostat

The Hunter 44550 Auto Save 7 Day Programmable Thermostat is one of the best value thermostats currently on the market. It combines all the most important features of a programmable thermostat with an Energy Star approval, and all for $40.

The Hunter 44550 unit is capable of controlling heating only, cooling only, furnaces, gas fire places, central air and single stage heat pumps. It is a unit with an attractive indiglo digital display. The buttons for programming are hidden behind a panel.

The thermostat under review has 4 periods to program for each day of the week. This is in line with the best programmable thermostats and guarantees that the homeowner can maximize the savings possible by better climate control. Programming is straight forward as is installation.

The Hunter 44550 is capable of cycling the fan and uses PID technology to make sure the set point is reached by the start of a new programmed period. The unit also has an adjustable swing control that lets the user set up a range within which the thermostat doesn’t activate the heating or cooling. This stops the irritation of the HVAC clicking on and off constantly and stops the furnace etc. from prematurely wearing out.

For convenience there is a temporary hold button to suspend settings and a vacation mode to allow people to leave home without re-programming. It is interesting to note that more expensive Honeywell thermostats such as the RTH7600D do not have a vacation mode.

When the seasons change the Hunter 44550 notices the alteration in temperature and automatically makes the switch between heating and cooling (or vice versa).

All this means that once the Hunter 44550 is programmed the user need not worry about making changes, unless they feel they want to reduce set points to make extra savings on utility bills.

The Hunter 44550 comes with a 1 year warranty and it is possible to read many positive reviews of the Hunter 44550 Auto Save on several internet sites. If a person wants to save money on HVAC bills but doesn’t have much seed money this is the unit.

Two Choices for Window Screens

Home window screens provide your house with outdoor air while keeping annoying insects out. Two primary types of window screens that homeowners can choose are adjustable and retractable window screens. Each offers unique characteristics and benefits you should consider before choosing.

Adjustable Window Screen

An adjustable window screen is available in multiple sizes and can fit into small, medium or large size windows. These window screens are typically lightweight, with frames being made from wood, fiberglass, or aluminum. Homeowners can find adjustable window screens that fit wood frame windows, vinyl-double-hung windows, or metal frame windows.

Homeowners should make sure to measure their window frame width carefully before purchasing an adjustable screen. If you don’t bother to measure your window, you may find yourself with the wrong size screen, meaning that when extended to its full width, the screen won’t cover all the window space.

If the screen is the right size for the window, you simply extend it until it fits the window frame width perfectly. This ability to be extended allows an adjustable screen to be easily installed without any special tools.

Once an adjustable window screen is installed, you can easily remove the screen and close the window whenever you like. This is very convenient when evenings get too cool to allow breezes into your home.

Retractable Window Screen

A retractable window screen is built to slide into and out of a housing unit. When the screen is needed, you can easily slide it out to cover the open window or door. This allows you to see out while air can get in. When the screen is no longer needed, you can slide the retractable screen back into the housing. Most retractable screens slide vertically, but horizontal sliding screens are also available.

Because they can be put out of sight, these are also called invisible window screens.

Retractable screens are perfect for large patio windows that offer a beautiful view. When the screen is not in use, homeowners will have a clear view of the outdoors. People with decorative windows or French Doors often choose retractable window screens that let them highlight their gorgeous windows or doors. And because they can be hidden away, retractable screens can also let more light enter a home.

A retractable window screen is often more expensive than the adjustable type, but retractable screens are a favorite among consumers for their ease of use and ability to not get in the way of a great outdoor view.

Is An Antique Fireplace Screen The Right Choice For Me?

Before electricity, the hearth was the gathering spot for families enjoying  the fireplace’s warmth and light, in addition to each other’s company. To this day, many poems and stories use the hearth and home as a metaphor for a household’s well being. Though 21st century technology provides light and warmth to most homes through other means, the fireplace and its hearth still provide a similar feeling of comfort. There are many different accessories sold to make it easier to use, and more enjoyable to maintain. One of the most essential products is the antique fireplace screen. The primary purpose of this screen covering is to keep flames, embers, or sparks from flying out and harming children, pets, or flooring in the room. Fire screens are metal coverings that fit across fire opening. Since it is such a large noticeable part of the fireplace and hearth, these screens can be purchased to fit the particular décor of the home.

When shopping for a screen that will be ideal for your home, consider these important factors.
1. Decor – Whether you own a Cape Cod beach front bungalow or a Victorian Tudor cottage, there is a perfect fireplace covering for you. There are hundreds of styles to choose from; an antique fireplace screen enhances the colonial decor of a home just as an art deco fireplace screen is a great choice for the more modern home styling.
2. Size – There is no universal standard for the size of fireplace openings. Make certain to measure the length and width of your space before shopping. Add a couple of inches to your length and width for overlap. Some screens are rectangular, while the arched fireplace screen provides a distinctive look and shape to the fire screen.
3. Screen type – There are three main types of screens for your fire hearth. Those that permanently install across the fireplace opening, single panel screens that span the open firebox, and multi-panel screens, which offer an expanded more flexible screen placement.

With so many different products and styles to choose from, you will be sure to find the right look at an affordable price for you. These accessories to your hearth will provide form and function to your hearth for years to come. Screens can also be custom ordered at most stores where fire place equipment is sold.

Help Improve Our Present Ecological Problem By Thinking Green

Our world continues to deteriorate as natural disasters, nuclear power plant failures and general impassivity evokes mayhem.This world will be doomed unless its citizens make an effort to do something about it. Our problems include an exploding population, corruption in the government, and dangerous chemicals spewing into the atmosphere. The best thing for us today is to turn to green living.

Even though we talk about living green, a lot of us do not know what it really means. Anything that causes a positive impact on the planet is green living. If we do this, we can keep our earth in check for the new generation. The ultimate goal for green living is to have the Earth in ecological balance. By living green, we can clean our surroundings by getting rid of all the toxins in our environment. Green living’s ultimate purpose is to make the planet a better place to live for human beings, and keeping it that way. A solar powered garden fountains is a very nice to be added on about living green powered by a 12v solar panel.

The balance of nature has been overturned again and again, until there is only so much to be concerned about. There are a lot of areas of the Earth where water is diminishing. We live in a world dominated by concrete structures and no trees or plants to cleanse the air. The air is so bad that you can’t walk far without being covered in soot.

The future generations are going to be left with no oil, individuals are cutting down more and more trees for paper supplies, and the planet is deteriorating each day. Each and every day, our planet is gradually being wrecked but no one seems to be paying attention. Many people’s lives are being compromised by the many serious natural catastrophes in recent times. Nature is fighting with instabilities and a considerable amount of pollution, together with fiscal problems and global recession. Every day, billions of dollars are spent on secondary issues, with some really critical issues dying as a result of lack of financial support. Very little money is being spent on improving the health of the environment or promoting a green lifestyle.

What do we need to do to alter our habits and learn how to conserve. Can work together and save water, consume less electricity and plant new trees. Are people generally cleaning up the environment and make it better for new generations? Are enough men and women working to bring down pollution? Are enough people trying to do better so that the future generations have something left? We have not much time remaining so let’s go and attempt to live green.