Jazz Up Your Office With A Stylish Writing Desk

The traditional office desk is not very attractive. Fortunately, there is a snazzier alternative. Enter the writing desk. Like an office desk, the writing desk is specially designed for sit-down work, but it looks more stylish. In fact, in the earlier days of history, writing desks were common in most homes and offices. This is why many of today’s varieties take a more vintage design.

The Queen Anne writing desk is an example. As its name would indicate, its design is inspired by Queen Anne’s elegance and regality. The desk itself does not contain as much shelving as other versions, but aesthetically it is superior. It uses cherry wood as its main color, and gold coloring for any secondary elements. The overall design is a cross between a desk and a cabinet. Like a cabinet, it has shelving, but its height and middle portion are designed more like a desk. The Queen Anne writing desk also has curvilinear legs not seen on most desks or cabinets. This is about as far as it goes for elaborate design, as most Queen Anne writing desks are not meant to be gaudy.

Choose a good writing desk for your office and room.

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If you prefer something more glamorous, consider looking at some French writing desks. It looks similar to the English desk, except it is more decorative. It has a variety of finishing touches you might not find on a Queen Anne desk. For instance, the drawers might be designed with two or more different woods to give the desk more contrast. The desk might also have more options for storage and shelving. With the Queen Anne desk, there is very limited shelving, as that goes against the Queen Anne style and philosophy.

To get either of these desks, you are going to have to do some shopping around. There are many rip-offs, but if you want authentic furniture, you may have to attend auctions. This is not necessarily the case if you get a contemporary wooden writing desk. While such desks are still available at many auctions, since they have a contemporary design, they can easily be found at most furniture stores. You just have to decide which one you want, since their selection is often more vast than what you would find with antique writing desks.

The Unique Saddle Bar Stool Designs

Who doesn’t like a good deal on comfy and relaxing saddle barstools? Because of their trendy and elegant designs, saddle bar stools have reached an all-time popularity with their ergonomic functionality, extreme affordability, and superb aesthetics. So, if you want to know more about these fabulous bar stools, read on.

Just looking at these saddle barstools makes you notice that unique structural design that sets them apart from the rest of the bar stools around. While common bar stools have flat seats that come in many shapes and sizes, saddle barstools share the same rectangular shape with a seat surface design that’s slightly curved, with the deepest part at the center of the bar stool seat. This concave design is the winning concept that makes them very comfortable to sit on for extended periods.

When choosing your saddle bar stool designs.

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Given their comfy seats, saddle bar stools can offer you more than just basic functionalities. Today’s trendy designs have evolved from the traditional natural wood finishes. So, to keep saddle bar stools looking trendy with contemporary interior decors, manufacturers now offer saddle bar stools made from steel or aluminum frames, with legs that radically defy the traditional four-legged saddle barstool designs, in which many of these contemporary saddle barstools only have single metal legs with chrome finishes.

For added versatility and flexibility, these stools have adjustable heights, making them the all-around and handy furniture in your home. And to enhance that already soothing feeling of saddle barstool seats, many designs now have barstool cushion add-ons, giving you an even greater level of comfort.

You can start your search for those highly coveted saddle barstools online, where great bargains and extra-mile offers abound year-round. Whether you’re an aficionado for everything that’s trendy or an enthusiast for everything that’s classic, saddle barstools will surely take your cozy private bar moments to another level.

The “Four Rs” Of Revitalizing Your Old Furniture

Is your furniture in need of a new lease of life, has it become dated and washed out looking. Rather than breaking the bank and investing in brand new furniture follow these steps on how you can rejuvenate your furniture and save your bank balance. Remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder and often your furniture can be every bit as attractive as new furniture with just the right amount of tweaking.


Rearranging your furniture is the quickest and most cost-effective way to update your room. Often people do not know the best way to arrange furniture and therefore the result can look dreary. It is irrelevant how expensive a piece of furniture is if it is poorly positioned inside a room. Before re-arranging sketch a plan of the space and visualize how you would like the furniture to be positioned. Bear in mind that a room should be well-balanced.

Do not place all of the larger darker pieces of furniture to one side. A clever trick to arranging a room is to choose a focal point such as a window or a fireplace and build the furniture around it. Use the lighting within a room to bring out any furniture that needs a new lease of life. An old dark armchair can be completely transformed with a tall floor lamp placed beside it. Alternatively by removing one piece of furniture it is possible to change the whole layout of a room and its contents. Often rooms can become cluttered over time. Take a minimalist approach and you can change the overall effect of the remaining pieces. Often clever re-arranging can completely alter the appearance of a room and the furniture within it.


Restoration is the process of returning something to its previous unimpaired condition. In the restoration of furniture this clearly depends on the type of furniture and the extent to which it has been damaged. Some pieces will be beyond salvaging and the most cost-effective thing will be to discard them. Other pieces may simply need some TLC to repair small breakages and cracks. It is also possible to buy products to clean and polish your pieces back to their former glory. This is especially true for wood. Be wary however that you buy the correct product for the finish of wood that you are dealing with. A general rule of thumb is if in doubt ask a professional. This is especially true if a piece has some sentimental value. Incorrect cleaning could destroy the finish of wood.


You should never under-estimate how much difference a new coat of paint can make to a piece of furniture. Tables and chairs can be repainted in brighter colours giving them a completely new polished appearance. It is also possible that repainting a room in more neutral colours can maximize the natural light within the room and therefore add new life to the furniture within the room.

Know tips to take care of your furniture.

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Fabric can fade away and become stained and therefore appear lacklustre, especially such pieces as armchairs. With constant advertisements for new furniture on the television it can seem too tempting to throw out the old and bring in the new. However this is not your only option. Re-upholstering is a quick and relatively easy way to jazz up your old furniture with some new fabrics and colours. Older furniture is often of a better quality than newer pieces and it can be a waste to throw out a perfectly good piece just because the fabric is faded. Instead take a trip to your nearest haberdashery and browse through the wide selections of fabrics, colours and textures on offer. Then with just a little know how you can teach yourself to reupholster using online how to articles. If this seems beyond your capabilities then you can always cheat and buy furniture slip covers or even buy some new bright textured cushions to bring to life that dark and faded armchair.

Maximize your furniture with the Four Rs to give them a new lease of life and save your bank balance.

How To Clean And Maintain Patio Chair Cushions

No matter what steps you take to prevent it, patio furniture cushions always end up getting dirty. Since they sit outside in the weather and sun, that should come as no surprise. But it still needs to be tackled as proper cleaning and maintenance of patio chair cushions will keep them functional and looking great as long as possible.

To prepare the cushions, first untie them from your outdoor furniture and take them to the area in which you’ll be cleaning them. Shake them off to remove any loose dirt. A quick wipe down with a damp wash cloth with get rid of any dirt that didn’t come off with shaking. You should also gather the materials you need at this point so you don’t have to worry about it throughout the process. Prepare a mixture of warm water and a small amount of dish detergent for regular cleaning. If there are any set-in stains, mix two parts baking soda with one part water. This solution will help you deep clean the cushions. Bring a scrubbing brush along as well.

The first half of the process is just general cleaning. Patio cushions that have been left out a long time without cleaning will start to look slightly dingy. This will take care of that problem and totally refresh the look of the cushions. To clean a cushion’s surface, dip the brush into the mixture of water and soap. Then simply scrub the area in a circular motion until it’s clean. Make sure to get the front and back. Once you rinse the cushion, you’ll be able to see if there are any other stains that need to be taken care of.

Things to remember when you clean and maintain patio chair cushions.

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If there are, it’s time to use the paste made from water and baking soda. You’ll use this the same way you used the soapy water mixture. The only difference is that if the stain is small, you may want to use a toothbrush instead of a larger scrub brush. Work the mixture into the stain and let it sit for a few minutes. It doesn’t hurt to scrub again after letting it sit. Once you’ve done all you can to remove the stain, rinse the cushion again. Sit it somewhere warm and breezy to air dry.

There are a few other tips you can follow to make sure your cushions get the best care after cleaning. Flipping them every once in a while during the drying process will encourage them to dry faster and more evenly. Be patient and wait to put them back until they’re completely dry. You will have to replace your patio chair cushions eventually, but cleaning them regularly will ensure that doesn’t happen for a long time.

Mirrored Furniture: Hollywood Reminiscent

Although you may not be a movie star or a famous rock star legend, that should not stop you from decorating your home reminiscent of the glamorous Hollywood of yesterday. Nostalgia, recaptured through design, is steadily gaining popularity as individuals are remembering and identifying with this style’s combination of classic elegance and contemporary lines. Decorating your home with mirror furniture is an absolute must when trying to capture the glamour and extravagance prevalent in this style.

mirrored furnitureLuxurious fabrics with splashes of gold, sparkle and glitter, lined with baubles and rich in color are all definitive of the old Hollywood style. Many elements from this style of design is inspired from the art deco era. Art deco for the home is known for its fun use of bold geometric patterns and ornate designs as well as for being eclectic whether it is in accessories, furnishings or wall hangings. By bringing in art deco mirrored furniture into your home, you can capture the flavor of these days gone by while spicing up the flavor of your living areas. You can find these unique furniture pieces in a wide variety of styles ranging from more of a clean, classical look to a contemporary and edgy look. If your tastes tend to be more in line with soft elegance and classic, then you may prefer bringing white tables with clean lines or incorporating fabrics with a metallic luster into your room.

With just the right lighting, these items will cast a soft glow that will enhance the look of your design and will reflect the light throughout the space. If you like the idea of an old Hollywood look but still want a more modern feel, try darker items like black lacquer tables or exotic hardwoods to achieve the appearance without sacrificing the feel of your room still being contemporary.

A mirrored vanity table is the perfect addition if you want to take Hollywood-glam to your bedroom. This style of table is the optimal choice for any woman, whether dressing in today’s latest fashions or putting on her makeup. Some models come available with vanity bulbs outlining the edge of the mirror to enhance the feeling of being a star.

If you love the flair for the dramatic, adore the glitzy glamor reminiscent of old Hollywood and appreciate an eclectic and edgy interior design, then incorporating mirrored furniture into your home will help capture that art deco essence. With a well done design, you can be proud to display the superstar side of your personality with the look and feel of your home.

The Benefits Of A Free Standing Hammock

The important thing you need to know about a hammock is that it is very beneficial to both young and old. Your kids at home will have a good sleep on it for a midday rest or during their siesta hour while you too can utilize it when you need a break and a breather from a tiring and stressful day at work. You need a hammock to provide that spot for you to unwind and relax. But if you find it too complex to install one in your house because you can’t find a pole or structure where you can hang it and buying a hammock stand is way out of your budget, then, purchase a free standing hammock. This type of hammock will spare you from all the hassle because it can stand on its own already.

Knowing the benefits of having a free standing hammock at home.

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This hammock is also made of the same common materials like quilt, rope, and fabric. But it is a set already of a hammock and a stand. The good thing about this type of hammock is that it enables you to reposition your hammock whenever you want to. You can set your hammock outdoors if you want to rest in middle of nature or you can make it as an indoor hammock if you want it to serve as a comfortable indoor furniture. Wherever you place it, it will never fail to please you with the comfortable place it provides. Add some cushions on it and it will more comfy to stay on. It is just perfect not just a furniture for relaxation but also as an accommodating place when you have guests around. And it is durable and long-lasting if you know how to care for it. It won’t easily sag if you won’t let it bear too much weight, and if you put it outside, make sure you won’t leave it exposed to the sun and rain regularly. By doing this, you can ensure that your hammock will be usable for a long time.

Purchase a hammock now and experience the benefits it brings. You and your family deserve to have that great area where you can relax and de-stress yourselves.

Easy Ideas For Covering Tub Chairs

Furniture can transform a room into sheer elegance or a comfortable casual hang out. One of the easiest types of seating to use is the tub chair because it is both very versatile and comfortable. This style of chair is designed and constructed to have a curved or rounded back and at times it even has a round seat. The seat is made from padded foam and fabric covered. More often than not, this padded cushion is separate from the actual seat. Some of the time, an ottoman is also covered in matching fabric and sold as a set. The ottoman tends to make sitting in a tub chair a more pleasurable experience.

A fabric tub chair can be reupholstered with any cotton, polyester, velvet or ticking material. Elegant formal styles usually trim the edges with rope or brass finishing studs. The arched design of the chair allows the seat to rest lower adding comfort and coziness. Armrests on either side of the chair are curvatures toward center of the seat. The comfortableness of the chair is able to handle a board meeting or an afternoon watching the game. The ottomans that come with the set is also curved in a semi circle accenting the chair.

tub chairsTub chairs can be built with a wooden frame or prefabricated plastic. The molded plastic gives a contemporary retro feel to the chair. These chairs might work well in a trendy saloon setting. The style is found in mostly white and sports a removable seat cushion. A swivel style is also available to allow the chair to me movable. The design is reminiscent of an over stuffed stool. For a more formal setting, leather upholstered tub chairs add a touch of distinction to any area they are displayed. A black, white or red tub chair upholstered in leather is a popular choice for the home because it easily complements many different décor schemes.

The Tub style has gone beyond just the one-seater chair and offers some two seaters and sofa designs. This selection of furniture is often sold as a set containing both a chair and a sofa. These sets make great additions to any home or office and offer lasting comfort. Each piece is a fine crafted piece of furniture that is durable, elegant and practical for any decor. From the formal dining room to the leisure activities of the family room, tub chairs are made to fit in just right.

Where To Find A Pine Dresser

If you, or someone that you love, is in the market for a pine dresser then you might be thinking about where you can go in order to find one. This is not a difficult answer but it can be very time consuming because these dressers can be found just about anywhere. This article will touch upon some of the very basic places, as well as some of the locations that you may not have thought about.

Most individuals will begin their search by taking themselves to the nearest furniture store. This is the best place to start because if nothing else, you can at least determine the style that you are looking for. This will also give you an idea of the size that you would like to have in your room as well. However, purchasing a pine dresser from the nearest furniture store can be expensive. Unless, of course, you go to the store during a sale. Then you may find that the store is offering discounts or low finance charges. Sometimes you can get a good deal as long as you go at the right time.

Look for good place to find pine dresser.

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Once you have found the dresser that you are looking for you have several options. You can purchase it from the store you were in or you can begin your search on the internet. Many people like taking this route because they are able to find the dresser that they want at a much lower price than they originally thought they would pay. You can look at different furniture stores, or you can even look on ebay. What you do need to remember with this is the fact that you will most likely have to pay some fees related to delivery charges and this can add up. Therefore, you may think you are saving money but you may not be saving as much as you think. Always consider that as well.

Many people are able to find a pine dresser at community yard sales and auctions. However, if you are considering getting a dresser from one of these locations you need to be aware of the fact that it will most likely look very weathered and run down. That is because the wood is very soft and it can become damaged very easily. This is exactly what some people are looking for and that is not a problem to these individuals. You really need to think about where you will be placing the dresser and what type of a style you are trying to create. Once you have thought about this you will be able to decide where you want to start your search.

Another factor of where you may purchase a pine dresser is related to the price that you are willing to spend. If you want to spend a lot of money, because you want a more sophisticated style, then you might want to hit some of the nearby furniture stores. You will most likely pay a lot there. But, if you are not able to spend a lot of money, or you want to be able to redo the dresser in your own style, you will definitely want to go to some local yard sales and used antique shops. Because these types of dressers are relatively common, you will not have a problem finding one that will fit your needs and your budget. With a little bit of common sense, and a little bit of research, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for. Just take your time and be smart about the process and you will be fine.

Shopping For A Pine Wardrobe

People that are in a need of a wardrobe for their home may be wondering about the pine wardrobe. They may be curious about this type of wood and they may be wondering if that is really the way that they want to go. The fact of the matter is, this really is a great wood to use when it comes to this type of furniture and there are many reasons for this. This article will talk about some of the reasons why pine makes a great wardrobe and why you may want to purchase one of these.

First of all, you can paint a pine wardrobe or a pine dresser any color that you want. This is wonderful because you will be able to make it match any décor that you may have in your home. This takes a lot of work out of searching for something that matches the room exactly. Because you are saving time, you will be able to get the wardrobe home and enjoy it as soon as possible. It may also be a good idea to take the time to paint it because this can help protect the wood. Pine can be very susceptible to the elements so you really want to do something in order to protect the wood. Painting the wardrobe can be a great way to add color and class to your room, while protecting the wood that you feel in love with.

A pine wardrobe creates a good look of your room.

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Another reason why many people like this type of wood for a wardrobe is because it is not very heavy. When compared with other types of wood, pine is very easy to move around because of how much it weighs. This is good for people that may like to rearrange their homes from time to time because they will not have to fight with this piece of furniture each and every time that they want to make a change.

Finally, the natural, light color of the pine wardrobe makes for a wonderful addition to any home just because of its color. This is because it is very light and it does not make a room look really dark. So, it can be placed in just about any room and it will add a splash of class to the décor. These types of wardrobes are very easy to find and they are enjoyed by many. It simply is a matter of taste but this type of wood does create a great wardrobe for any home, or any room.

Finding A Pine Chest Of Drawers

People that are in need of a clutter free space to rest and relax at the end of the day may strongly consider getting a pine chest of drawers, a pine dresser or a pine wardrobe. These are very popular and if you take the time to research this furniture you can see why. They are very easy to maintain, they come in just about any style you can imagine and they can also be stained or painted any color that you want. You really can not go wrong if you decide to go this route. So, if you have made the decision to purchase this type of furniture, you may be wondering where you can find them. This article will highlight the ease that comes from looking for these chests of drawers.

First and foremost, you may want to start by going to the local furniture store in your area. This sounds like common sense, but hear me out. This is a great way for you to at least determine what you like. Once you have found the style of pine chest of drawers that you really like, you will be able to begin searching for the furniture that fits your budget. Just because you find it in the store does not mean that it is the right price for you. Do not let the salesman tell you about their easy payment plans and things of that nature. If it does not fit in your budget simply get the information related to who makes it, the style and the dimensions. Then, you can begin searching elsewhere. Remember, heading to the store is just a starting point.

The advantages of having pine chest of drawers at home.

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Next, take the time to begin entering all of the information that you just discovered in relation to the chest into the computer. The internet can really be a friend when it comes to finding the furniture that you really love, at the price you can afford. You will most likely be able to find this piece in other stores or even from different outlet stores on the internet at a much cheaper price. Once you see the prices, and determine where you would like to purchase this piece, you will need to consider the price of shipping as well. Make sure that you are adding that into the final cost.

Finally, you will need to decide if you want to order the pine chest of drawers from the website that you found. Another option you have would be to call the store that you were in and ask them if they can give it to you for the price that you found on the internet. Some businesses will do that now, as long as you can provide them with proof.