House Paint Colors For Your Bedroom

Finding house paint colors for your bedroom can be a difficult task because they are likely going to be the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning and the last thing you see before going to sleep at night. Therefore you want these colors to be perfectly suited to your taste in style. Generally bedrooms are painted with soft and soothing colors like creamy neutral palettes, velvety pale tones, indulgent blues, greens, and purples work nicely as well.

Depending on the scheme or style that you seek, there are numerous ways to combine house paint colors in your bedroom. One popular bedroom painting scheme uses the strongest color of all your choices on the walls with the softer hues used on the ceiling and as accents. Another great bedroom paint scheme makes use of a bold accent wall. Painting three of your walls a soft color then using a distinctive bold color behind your headboard is a great way to show off your style and individuality. Accent walls are a subtle yet bold way to parade your favorite house paint colors in front of your guests.

Remember that your walls are not the only source of color and style in your bedroom; take into account your furniture and your fabrics when choosing a color scheme. The amount of light that your bedroom receives should also be taken into account before you decide on your final color scheme. Using the furnishings in your room is a great way to complement the colors that you choose for your walls. Whatever colors you decide on for your bedroom they should help to relax you at night and refresh you in the morning.

If you require assistance picking out a bedroom color scheme, check out the bedroom color palette on CertaPro’s website for suggestions and tips. When you have decided on house paint colors that will fit perfectly in your bedroom give the professionals at CertaPro Painters a call and they will help you make the project quick and painless!

Brass And Antique Fireplace Doors

Styling your home in the way you want is an important facet to making it inviting, comfortable and relaxing. Obviously the color of walls, floors and big pieces of furniture can have a large influence on the way your house appears, some accessories can be even more important in how your rooms look. For people who want to recreate a more antique design for your house, what accessories are needed to authentically style your home is a crucial question. You would be amazed at what can be achieved with merely a few, suitable accessories.

An important part of old-fashioned charm is the detailing on common items. Antique fireplace doors have intricate details, with different patterns and themes made popular in Victorian days, adding a touch of class to a hearth. Finding vintage or brass fireplace doors can greatly enhance a fireplace, adding interest and distinctive design elements. An old-fashioned brass fireplace door can be very expensive and difficult to find, but brushed nickel fireplace doors are a great alternative, adding its own charm and individuality to vintage pieces. Whatever door you choose, a decorative fireplace door will always bring a touch of elegance and class to a hearth. If you combine them with appropriate accessories, such as wooden tongs and iron stokers, you will further enhance the look of your fireplace. Other small accessories, which match the scrollwork and design, will also look great.

Designing a house that you will love is a huge task, but finding the correct accessories will make a huge impact. So when you start work on your fireplace, seek out unique, antique fireplace doors to help create the style you want. After you have finished, sitting by the fireplace with close friends and family will be a pleasure for many years. With winter coming, searching for the right antique, brass or even brushed nickel fireplace doors is a task you should start straight away.

The Benefits Of Using Faux Wood Blinds In The Home

There is only one logical reason why people opt for faux wood blinds and that is money. If you disregard all other factors, the best thing about faux wood blinds is that they are relatively cheaper than their counterparts which are the wood blinds. A traditional faux wood blind would cost only $65 or even lower if you can get them on sale. They look like authentic wooden blinds and they even offer the same benefits of real wood.

If you will opt for faux wood blinds you will notice that they offer benefits that you won’t get from real wood blinds. Since they are made from a combination of vinyl and wood, 2 inch faux wood blinds can be placed in areas with high humidity like bathrooms and kitchens. Unlike wooden blinds, faux wood blinds won’t crack, wrap and fade. Wood blinds are prone to molding and if they are constantly exposed to water, you can expect that they will deteriorate in less than a year. Not like faux wood blinds, they are made to be mold and water resistant thus you can be assured that they will last for many years to come.

Faux wood blinds good for the bedroom and living room.

flickr by rkrautbauer

If you have kids or pets at home, it would be best that you choose faux wood blinds as your window coverings. Spending money on real wood blinds would just be a waste if they are constantly exposed or scratches and mishandling. With faux wood blinds, the blinds won’t get scratched and they are very easy to clean.

Before vinyl was never a popular choice as window treatments since they obviously look very cheap. But with the advent of modern technology and innovations, a lot of manufacturers started making faux wood blinds. They have a more aesthetic appeal that is comparable to wooden blinds but are practically cheaper.

Where You Can Buy Stained Glass Window Film

The use of stained glass window film for decorating homes is becoming increasingly popular as more people become aware of some of the benefits that come with using it. Some of these benefits include the addition of color in your room as the stained glass film adds color to any light that comes in through the windows, more privacy, and the amount of available customization that comes with the wide variety of designs that can come with the film. It should also be mentioned that this is a much more economical alternative to having an actual stained glass window. Often, people are faced with the question of where they can buy it. This article will touch on some of the places where people can go to buy this film.

If you would like to make a purchase without having to leave the comfort of your home, consider online auction sites like eBay, where hundreds of thousands of items are bought and sold everyday. You can also visit online marketplaces like as well. If you don’t find what you are looking for at either of these places, do a Google search for stained glass window film, and you should be able to find suppliers who may have just what you are looking for. This is especially important if you are looking for custom stained glass window film that has specific designs on it, by which you can customize the look and feel of your home. Places that offer this kind of film include,, and

Choose the best design when choosing for stained glass window film.

flickr by anetz

If you’re looking for a standard, generic design, and you can’t find what you’re looking for online, you can always visit your local hardware or home improvement store, where you can find everything from garden accessories to plumbing fixtures to industrial plastic storage boxes. These places include Ace Hardware, Home Depot, and Lowe’s. In addition to these places, you might also be able to find it at discount retailers like Wal-Mart or Target.

By following the steps outlined above, you should be able to find some quality stained glass window film at reasonable prices that will improve the appearance of your home and make you a much happier homeowner.

Six Wood Valance Ideas To Decorate Your Windows

Has a wood valance ever featured in your window decorating plans? Well, if you aren’t too familiar with window valances in the first place, they are primarily a form of window treatment which is designed to conceal the upper areas of windows. The options include hanging models; mounted, stand-alone models, and those which can be used along with window blinds and drapes. Often, valances are preferred because they keep unsightly curtain hardware hidden. So, if you are bored with the same old look of your existing window dressing, set your sights on wood window valances. They can instantly and dramatically transform the appearance and dimensions of a room, accentuate décor, and introduce a variety of new, vibrant colors, too. Here are 6 attractive choices to consider.

Shaped Wood Valance: This is a versatile alternative as it works well in rooms that are both casual and formal in style. Shaped valances add an element of elegance and class to rooms. Depending on the room’s décor, you may pair them with either elaborate or plain drapery styles.

Research for good wood valance designs.

flickr by Sean Michael Felix Sr

Scalloped Wood Valance: This valance can totally change the visually perceived dimensions of a room. The unique scallop-shaped designs add a touch of sophistication to a room; combine perfectly with country-styled window treatments, and significantly accentuate the look of formal dining rooms.

Gingerbread Valance: Another great window dressing option, best suited for Victorian-styled homes and country cottages. It’s natural wood color and texture perfectly complements other pieces of wooden furniture in a room, besides accentuating its décor.

Arched Wood Valance: If you are looking for a good fit for drapes made with thicker, heavier fabric, especially those which possess rich colors and textures, this is it. Owing to its elegant and architecturally-appealing design, this valance is recommended for old homes, although they breathe an element of creativity into new homes, too.

Carved Wood Valance: There are no limits to what these wood valances can achieve. Their intricately-carved patterns bring style and sophistication to windows, irrespective of which pattern you may chose. What’s more you can make wood window valances the center of attraction in a room because they go well with drapes of any length or depth. Try matching carved decorative valances with drapes of sheer fabric, velvet curtains, or even with layered panels.

Shelf Valance: This type of valance brings exclusive flair and functionality to rooms, as they add a bold and completely new look and dimension to a room. The unique functional design of a shelf valance allows you to display decorative items and novelties, or keep them safe and out of reach of little children. Finally, when it’s time to redecorate your windows, put wood valances at the top of your shopping list.

How To Dress Up Your Cheap Curtains

Just because you are on limited budget doesn’t mean your home decor has to reflect it.  Window treatments can run into costs, but with the right attitude and a little effort, you can add flair to your cheap curtains.  Look online and browse through sites dedicated to modern curtains to get an idea for a look that you can recreate with what you already have, or can get for a few dollars in most hardware stores.

Start by taking a look at your existing curtains and how they suit the room they are hanging in.  Generally, longer curtain lengths add formality to a room, while shorter lengths open up space and makes it more cheerful. Thus, you will want to use your floor-length curtains for the living room, and other areas you use for entertaining.  Curtains that go up the height of the window sill will look its best in the kitchen and other family areas like the playroom.

Next, study your curtain, and note the material used and the style.  Is the fabric sheer or thick?  Often, cheap curtains are made of sheer materials.  One way that you can make cheap curtains look more expensive is to add a lining to it.  The lining will add substance to the curtain, resulting in richer-looking folds.  Lining material does not need to be expensive.  In fact, if you have some old flat sheets in a neutral shade, you can whip out your sewing machine and simply attach them to the back of your curtain panels.

Cheap Curtains - You Can Make Them Work!

Cheap Curtains - You Can Make Them Work!

Look at how your curtain attaches to the rod.  If the curtain rod attaches to it by grommets or tabs, then the curtain rod is visible when the panel is hung.  You can buy a remnant piece from a fabric store at a cheap price and use it as swag or valance.  Brocades and silks are not that expensive when marked down as remnants, and you can probably score a good length at your local market.  There are lots of instructional videos and guides online that you can check to learn how to drape a valance.

If your curtains are not really meant for a formal look, you can use a length of colourful silk ribbon as a tieback and embellish it with a bunch of artificial flowers.  Or use a brooch for a bohemian touch.  Look around the house to see what could work, and simply use whatever materials you have on hand.

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Modern Interior Design Ideas For White Bedroom Furniture

In a white themed bedroom, the elements must conform to the creative restraint that is applied in order to achieve the desired goal. The walls can either be a part of the white element or it can be the background for the white furnishings that will be showcased. The light colored ceiling and the lighting fixtures should provide the much need illumination for the walls and furnishings and the flooring material should be the stage for the spectacle. The white bedroom furniture should adapt to the other elements in the space by emerging as an attraction supported by the walls and ceilings and in turn set itself as a stage for the accessories and decor that will be added to the interior.

Beds and side tables should be in white. Specific designs don’t matter as long as you put white in them. White can never be forced into as if you do not have a choice.  The elegance of white should captivate you and will permit you to be dominated by its power and undeniable character. The designing stage is always the hard part to do. This is where designers’ clients can contribute their ideas. They are usually nonstop with questions and will ask on how to go about the design, then after a while, will comment on new ideas that are foreign to them at the moment.

The elegance of putting white bedroom furniture.

flickr by xJavierx

This modern interior scheme should coincide with previously discussed needs and requirements of the owner. A theme’s adaptation should also include the furniture pieces and how they are structured and fabricated. A white leather chair with a bear head and skin beneath it is an excellent piece of hunting paraphernalia that will depict either a love for the west or a love for some things that are white and authentic. If you want this theme to be applied in your home, then do some digging and research on the net so that you can capture its dominant elements only and make them your own.

You must select your large beds, comfortable sofas and interesting study chairs together with your choice of paints and wallpapers. They should have different fabrics and patterns to add variety to the look of the master bedroom. Always keep in mind that white should be the most evident color. It should not be swallowed up by accessories and fabrics. It should take a lead while other elements should be content as background pieces for the dominating color.

Using Garden Urns To Make Your Garden More Attractive

There are several ways to decorate your garden. One of the best garden decor ideas is to use garden urns. You can also use beautiful landscaping, add decorative lighting and flowering plants, a lawn, swimming pool etc. However, the addition of urns can totally transform the overall appearance of your garden. Garden urns are classical handcrafted objects which can be used in your garden as decorative items either as planters or simply placing them in locations to create focal points. They come in numerous beautiful shapes, sizes, colors and are made of different materials also. There are different styles which are suitable for different types of garden themes.

These urns can be used in different areas of your garden. You can add beautiful plant varieties and increase planting area of the garden. As decorative landscaping objects they can also be placed in your patio, paved areas or the courtyard. Whether you have a small outdoor area or big, these urns are sure to attract the attention of your guests. Selecting the urns is not difficult. You can select from the traditional or the modern types of urns. They however, come in various styles which are used by most of the homeowners. Some of the most popular styles are the Grecian urns, Tuscan urns, Roma Stand urns, Petal urns, Fluted urns, Spanish urns, Contemporary urns and the French urns. They are all impressively beautiful and each one can add a different touch to your garden, depending on the style you are aiming for. Size and strategic positioning are key to achieve best results if you want to radically improve the overall look of your garden decor.

Using garden urn.

flickr by Stuart Aldridge

Garden urns are made of different materials as well. While purchasing garden urns it is better to consider the material according to the garden theme. Some of the urns will simply blend with your landscape while some would bring a total transformation to your garden. So it is up to you to choose the urns with stunning design, appearance, shape, color etc. Most popular materials used to make these urns are aluminum, concrete, imitation stone, natural stone etc. There are urns made of resin, fiber, copper and brass too. Be sure to buy urns which can withstand all kinds of weather.

Cheap Country Home Decor Tips For Your Living Room

If you want to achieve the country look in your living room or any other area of the house, here are a few tips that will help you. If your room has big windows, you can let lots of light pour in which means you shouldn’t be afraid of using bold and vibrant colors. They will invigorate the feel, which is especially good if the room needs revamping. If your windows have old wooden shutters and paneled walls they already transmit the rustic feel; bring it up to date with strong shades and simple styling. Bold colors team together brilliantly in a room that is spacious, and plenty of natural light will stop them feeling oppressive. Polish your wooden floors or buy vinyl that looks like wood to enhance the look. Mahogany chairs would add a more subtle and natural color at the same time helping anchor the scheme. As you can see, it is down to accessories and home decorations (the details) if you want to make a difference.

Give your wall paneling a coat of green and tone it down painting your window shutters cream that could match your leather corner sofa. Treat old chairs with colorful new seat covers. Add a reclaimed radiator and paint it yellow to bring it into the twenty first century. A pine table is a country style classic, but you can give it a shot of extra personality by painting the legs bold blue. It teams really well with the old mahogany chairs which you can find in many reclamation yards. You will definitely bring them up to date by recovering the seats with colorful fabric.

Consider some cheap country home living room tips.

flickr by recent settlers

Pick up old cast iron radiator models from a salvage yard; if you want them to look glorious there will be a bit of work involved, which generally means sandblasting them to clean them before repainting them. Good yard will also pressure test them. For this, water is pumped from the mains around the radiator. As it is at higher pressure than the water from a central heating system, any holes or cracks wil show up quickly. It is best to only buy radiators that have been tested, as cracks are hard to mend.


Home decoration doesn’t have to be expensive. Achieving cheap country home decor is a lot easier than what people think; all you need is a few ideas, time, creativity and patience. And none if these cost money, so get thinking!

African Wall Decorations

Africa is a huge continent with many different cultures and a rich heritage. Looking to this part of the world for inspiration (or using items you purchased on your travels) when decorating will give you a lot of ideas that can turn your home to something very unique.

Africa has traditionally been a tribal continent. This historical influence is evident in their heritage, music, and artwork. These artworks are handmade and the techniques used are passed on from one generation to another, preserving the elements, such as geometric shapes, exotic animal prints and images, and vivid colors.

An African mural on your walls is a great start. There is a close relationship between the Africans and nature so having wildlife or the African savannah as the design on the mural is a good idea.

Some of the most popular pieces of artwork from this part of the world are African tribal masks, used in ceremonies, celebrations, battle preparations, etc. They are usually crafted out of wood and are lavishly embellished with beads, shells, plant fibers, pigments, and animal hair. Having these adorning your walls will certainly be the center of attention in your home.

Knowing some ideas on putting African wall decorations.

flickr by wovox

You can also find paintings on mud cloth, batik, banana leaf, and korhogo cloths. The imagery vary from animals, the Sahara, tribal, nature, prosperity and harvest, or daily activities and make for great wall decor.

If you have traveled to Africa, chances are you brought back souvenirs of all types and sizes. The use of shadow boxes is an excellent way of showcasing these pieces of artwork. Group them together with photos, maps and drawings for a pretty display that will be a nice reminder of your adventures.

Handcrafted African Maasai shields and spears also make extraordinary centerpieces on your walls. The shields are made of water buffalo hide and painted with a mixture of pigments in symbolic colors.

Hanging musical instruments such as the African balafon, kora, bamboo flutes, gankeke bells, shakers, and rattles as wall decorations is another great way of enhancing a room. These are also symbolical and are often used in ceremonies. Made from materials like wooden plates, gourd, leather, hand painted and sometimes accented with burned designs, they add a nice, eclectic look to your room.

Decorating your walls with African items will provide you with some great conversation pieces and give your home an ethnic and tribal feel that is uniquely beautiful.

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