Chosing An Air Conditioning Unit For Your Home

An air conditioner works by taking heat from inside your home and rejecting it outside by way of refrigerant.  Outside your home is the condenser, which rejects the heat from the refrigerant by using a fan.  The condenser usually rejects heat by blowing air, but it can also reject heat by using water.

Inside your home is the evaporator, which is where the refrigerant absorbs the heat from your home.  The evaporator consists of a fan and a heat exchanger.  The heat exchanger contains the cool refrigerant that is in liquid form and at a lower temperature than room temperature.  The evaporator cools the room air by passing warm air from the room through the heat exchanger, which cools it, and blows it into the room.

Most homes use either a central air conditioning unit or a window air conditioning unit. Central air conditioning units provide much better air distribution since the cool air can be arranged to be supplied from anywhere inside a house.  Air is supplied through sheet metal ducts and exits through diffusers that can be placed wherever they are needed.

Central systems are also more energy efficient than window air conditioners.  Although they may initially cost more, central units will provide you with lower electricity bills for the same cooling capacity.  You can find energy efficient central air conditioners for your home using the Energy Star website.  They list air conditioning manufacturers, models, and their energy consumption for a given capacity.

Window air conditioning units cost much less than central units, but several of them are required to air condition a home.  They consume so much energy in comparison to central units that they are not worth it in the long run.  In addition, they require more maintenance than a central unit since a person would use about five of these to air condition a house versus just one central unit.  Still, they do cost less than central units, and if you are interested in buying one, you can check out which brands and models are the most energy efficient by going to the Energy Star website.

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My Refrigerator Is not Cold! What to Do?

Keeping your foods well preserved and refrigerated is something that anyone would want to ensure. And to do this, one needs to have a reliable and high quality refrigerator to depend on, a refrigerator that can ensure you a well optimized cooling performance and high energy efficiency rating. As an indispensable appliance, no household can live off without a fridge. But then again, most of the household settings are no strange to common refrigerator problems, and one of these common fridge problems has to do with temperature controls.

My refrigerator is not cold, or not cold enough! So then how do you go about it? To better understand this problem you need to get to know some of the possible reasons. The following below are some of the key points that led to your fridge not being cold, or cold enough.

o Be sure that your fridge is plugged on.
o Sometimes, the dust at the back of your refrigerator hampers the cooling performance of your fridge. So you may want to consider brushing off the dust and dirt at the back of the fridge (make sure you turn off the fridge for safety).
o The compressor may not be getting proper air flow so clean the back of the fridge.
o The freezer coils could be blocked with frost especially if the defrost system isn’t working at all.
o The condenser fan or the freezer fan can be badly stuck.
o If the refrigerant has leaked, then the fridge will not cool at all. You better call the professional.
o This could be a serious compressor problem, a compressor malfunction that only an appliance repair technician can fix.

If the refrigerator problem goes beyond the first two reasons, then it’s always a good idea to consult a repair professional. Sometimes, the technician will recommend you the necessary parts needed for replacement, while in worst cases, he or she may tell you to buy a new one because fixing the old one’s going to be impractical.

Refrigerator Units From GE

The refrigerators from GE are among the best in the market since they are made using only the best materials and the best systems to make sure that each unit is of high quality, efficiency and durability. GE is indeed one of the top brands in the market who are known to manufacture units that cater to all types of customers. They have cheap and affordable refrigerator offerings for their average users and they also have their high tech, state-of-the-art refrigerators for their high end customers.

Any refrigerator shopper would be sure to find a great deal with GE. Their refrigerators come in different sizes and dimensions. They have compact refrigerators which are great space optimizers; they have standard sized refrigerators which are the regular fridge-freezer units you would most commonly found in many average households; and they also have the large sized units such as the side by side refrigerators and the bottom freezer units. Aside from the usual fridge-freezer refrigerators, GE also has stand-alone units like an all-freezer and an all-fridge.

When it comes to refrigerator features, GE is among the most innovative. They have high end amenities and add-ons which make their refrigerator units much more convenient and practical. Aesthetically, their refrigerators are very good looking and varied too. Costumers can find refrigerators with vinyl exteriors, stainless steel refrigerators; as well as refrigerators with glass fronts like a glass door fridge.

A lot of customers prefer GE because their units are among the most cost efficient. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the cheapest, rather, what it means is that they provide the customers the best value for their money. All GE refrigerators come with great warranty programs and they make sure that GE refrigerator parts are available for their refrigerator users to purchase easily, in case of refrigerator maintenance and repairs.

Why Choose A Glass Door Refrigerator?

A refrigerator is one of the most indispensable appliances that you would have to buy to secure the most efficient food preservation.  With so many designs and types of refrigerators available today, it’s almost possible to target the most ideal refrigerator model that can truly address your storage and refrigeration concerns.  For this matter, one of the most popular designs is the glass door refrigerator – the premiere type for a commercial refrigerator for beverage and wine collections.

So why choose a glass door fridge?  Presumably, the front panel design, which is made by a durable glass door panel, accounts for the main reason for such preference.  Having all your products and frozen goods all display will make it easier for you to scan them before you actually open the fridge door.  Moreover, an attractive display of your collection of beverage cans / bottles and the finest wine bottles will actually accentuate your kitchen area.  But other than this, the superior cooling performance and the needed technical specs are all up to you.

With so many brands and manufacturing companies marketing glass door refrigerators, searching for the best one can be quite overwhelming.  The following below are some of the quick rundown of shopping tips when it comes to glass door fridges:

  • Choose the model unit made from durable solid construction, preferably stainless steel and tempered glass.  Such model is easy to clean and last longer.
  • Choose a brand with a long history of reliability.
  • You can opt for a freestanding or a built-in unit, but make sure it will fit the available area.
  • As fridges in general come in different refrigerator sizes, consider the storage capacity and the technical dimension of the chosen unit.
  • Make sure that the price is cost-effective.

With all these general considerations kept in mind, you sure have the chance to get yourself the best glass-door fridge that will be proven useful in a commercial setting.

Sub-Zero Built-in All-Refrigerator Review

There something absolutely refreshing about the brand Sub-Zero Preservation. As far as exterior ergonomic design can show you, it’s the refrigerator that can complement a modern kitchen setting best. Fresh, innovative and stylistically chic, the Sub-Zero fridge is also made of the finest quality and equipped with the most outstanding cooling features. If you are looking for a refrigerator that can single-handedly address your concerns about storing your fresh food and product items, then you will find out that the Sub Zero all refrigerator model can take the center stage in your contemporary kitchen arena.

One of the most popular configurations in the varied fridge collection of Sub-Zero is the built-in all-refrigerator design. Precisely crafted to address the fresh food storage needs of may customers, the built-in all-refrigerator model unit from this brand is usually purchased along side with the all-freezer model for a much cleaner kitchen integration and to optimize the storage capacity of the two cooling systems as well.

Because the design is built-in the refrigerator can accommodate all types of design exterior customizations, prominent among them include four choices – framed, overlay, flush inset and the classic stainless steel. Sub-Zero has always been reputable for the opportunity that it can give to its potential buyers in terms of personalizing and customizing the fridge. With the Sub-Zero fridge, you don’t have to worry about the complexities of blending the style of the fridge to the existing design scheme of your kitchen. Visual clutter will never be a hassle. Design harmony is just around the corner.

As for the integrated features, the Sub-Zero built-in all-refrigerator has the following features – air purification system, bright interior lighting, spill-proof glass shelves, temperature-controlled crispers and many more.

Sub-Zero Preservation transcends the test of time, making it the most reliable and durable refrigerator brand in the large industry of refrigerators. The brand is the top choice of consumers who want balance in style and functionality.

Tips On Buying Refrigerator Parts And Accessories

The refrigerator appears to be the most ideal to a consumer if the design is up for grabs both inside and out. If the ideal refrigerator of a consumer is not available in a precise manner possible, then the least thing that he or she can do is to find a refrigerator model that offers easy personal customizations. As in the case of discount refrigerators, it’s very easy to reassemble the interior design and feature of the fridge, to relay-out everything so as to suit the customer’s own storage style. Such feat requires the need to buy and explore refrigerator parts and accessories. But how does one chooses them?

Below are some of the suggested tips on buying refrigerator parts and accessories.

Be specific. Nothing is much wiser than buying the most specific part or accessory that is compatible to your fridge. If you are looking for a crucial technical part for a Kenmore fridge then explore the market that sells parts for Kenmore refrigerators, not Frigidaire or GE’s. Specificity is not only limited to brand, within the brand you have to be specific on the model, size or even configuration.

o Do not settle for anything less. Some parts and accessories are too cheap to be true. Be wary that the quality may not be ensured. Prioritize quality over price. The product should be cost-effective – the value should be appropriated to its price.

o Reliability of appliance retail stores. You’re probably happy knowing that it’s now easy to shop or find anything under the sun. Why in this generation where the internet can now provide you an all-out access to everything, it’s not impossible to find the right part or accessory for your fridge. Still whether you opt to shop at an online store or an actual retail store, be sure that it is reliable. Nothing is more frustrating than buying a product that’s not genuine.

General Sizes of Refrigerators

Refrigerators vary in sizes (check these refrigerator reviews for best options), but they may be classified into the following:

  1. Compact or Mini refrigerators. These are great space optimizers since their small dimensions allow them to fit in small areas like nooks and corners. In the kitchen household, the most common compact refrigerator used is the under counter refrigerator which is usually located beneath the kitchen counter or bar. These refrigerators are most preferred by college students staying in campus dormitories too since they don’t take up too much space in an already cramped area.

Compact refrigerators may be used for outdoor purposes too. They are preferred by many campers as car fridges since their mini dimensions allow portability. They can also be easily fitted in RVs and Trailers.

  1. Standard Sized Refrigerators. This is the type of refrigerator that you would find in most average households. These fridge-freezer units are ideal for small to mid-sized families since they can hold most of the family’s food and beverages. However, these refrigerators have smaller freezer compartments which may not be enough to hold all the frozen items that you want.

Standard sized refrigerators are free standing outright refrigerators which are made taller and slimmer as to not occupy too much space in the kitchen.

  1. Large Sized Refrigerators. For large families, standard sized refrigerators may not be enough so they might want to invest in larger sized refrigerators such side by side units. These models have double doors and the freezer compartment is as large as the fridge compartment of the unit. Aside from side by side refrigerators, consumers may opt for top refrigerator-bottom freezer units too, since they are wider and have larger compartments. The bottom freezer makes frozen items much more accessible as well.

These are but the general sizes of refrigerators since there are many other units such as refrigerators with French doors, Built-in refrigerators and Cabinet-Depth refrigerators that are available to the consumers. For more accurate dimensions of each model and unit, consumers should check out the refrigerator size guide provided by each brand or company.

The Char Broil K6B Six Burner Home Gas Grill

This is the perfect grill for people who are serious about barbecue and producing mass amounts of food. It’s a feast machine with one of the biggest cooking surfaces around. This isn’t the type of timid grill that you bring out every once in a while whenever the weather is nice. The Char Broil K6B is a monster of a barbecue and it will be responsible for some of the best food you’ll ever have. It’s physically imposing and it will dominate your backyard like no other barbecue on the market. Chances are anyone who walks onto your patio is going to notice it right away before anything else. It’s big and bold, and that’s exactly what you would expect from a high-end Char Broil product. So if you are the type of person who never messes around when it comes to old-fashioned authentic barbecue, this is the grill for you.

It takes a bit of time to get used to exactly how huge this home gas grill is. But along with size comes impeccable power which makes it stand above most other products on the market. Where else can you find a total of six butane burners that work independently or in unison to effectively simulate an outdoor kitchen? You’re not going to find that level of convenience unless you would be willing to pay upwards of $2500 for the type of grill only found in restaurants. This is a home model with true barbecue connoisseurs in mind and it lets you bring your dishes to life like never before.

Keep in mind it’s much more than delivering power however because you also get a precision control that allows you to explore all types of dishes. You can cook fresh vegetables on one end of the grill while big juicy steaks are prepared to perfection on the other side. A handy warming rack can also be used as a bun toaster while keeping prepared food warm until you’re ready to eat. It all adds up to a full cooking experience where you can feed a small army with the amount of food that comes off your grill.

Everything about this barbecue is built to last and with proper maintenance (and a good cover) you can be sure that this grill will be in your backyard for a long time to come. It boasts stainless steel design in all key areas and cast-iron grates that can handle any load that you throw at them. Everything from the lid to the handles to the side panels are sturdily constructed and conveniently placed. And if you have the time, make sure to give slow roasting a shot because racks of ribs and big briskets don’t get much juicier than when using the Char Broil K6B. You’ll also appreciate a quick ignition system that gets you right into the action far faster than a standard charcoal grill. In the end, this has to be considered one of the best gas grills in its price category and don’t be surprised if you gain a few pounds during the summer barbecue season.

Your Air Conditioner Goes Out, Now What

Its 95 degrees, the sun is out, the vultures are circling and you are in the middle of summer when your air conditioner goes out.  What do you do?

Stop!  Do not call an HVAC heating and cooling repairman out just yet.  It might be an issue you can fix.  If you cannot fix it then you still need to do some troubleshooting so that you have a general idea of what the problem is so that you know what the person is doing when he shows up.

Make Sure The Thermostat Is Set Right

This is a very common problem.  The temperate on your thermostat needs to be set fifteen degrees colder than the temperature outside.  If it is not set at least fifteen degrees lower then there is a good chance your central air conditioning system is not kicking in because it does not sense the house is warm enough.

Make Sure You Have Refrigerant

This is a very simple problem to spot even though most homeowners do not have the tools or knowledge to fix it.  But, at least you will know this is the issue. If your central AC is running but you are noticing no cold air is coming out the vents then your refrigerant levels are the most likely the issue.  Maybe there is leak?  At this point you need to have someone come over and re-fill it. Do not attempt to do this on your own.  Its a very dangerous substance and very volatile.

Air Ducts Are Compromised

Cold air is pushed through your home’s air ducts into various parts of the house.  If they are compromised in anyway then the delivery of cool air will be affected.  Check the air ducts for damage, leaks or excessive debris.  If they are extremely dirty you might want to get your air ducts cleaned by a professional service. You want your ducts to be as clear and dirt-free as humanly possible for cold air to pass through them.

Check Fan on Condenser Outside

The retangular box located on the side of the house is called the condeser.  It is the device that sucks the air from the atmosphere, cools it and sends in to the house via the evaporator coils. Make sure the fan is working like it should.  Is it broken or not spinning?  Is there a rock in it?  Sometimes an object is blocking it so that it does not spin properly.  Quite possibily, its broken and you will have to replace it.

Reset Breaker (aka Condenser Unit Breaker)

Your air conditioning unit has a reset breaker attached to it in case it detects a problem.  Manytimes it gets tripped accidentily (much like your home’s circuit breaker and oil burner).  Try pushing it in oder to reset the system.  Many times this will do the job and your central AC will come right back on.

Change AC Filter

This is an easy one.  When was the last time you had the filter on the AC unit changed?  If you do not remember then you need to do it.  Its really easy and the filters at less than $5 at most home improvement stores.  A clogged air filter can prevent a unit from sucking in the required air its needs to circulate it throughout the house.

These are just five common actions your typical homeowner can take to diagnose and possibily fix his air conditioning unit. Hopefully they will be just what you needed and you can get your system cranked up again.  We never appreciate the job these devices do until we do not have them anymore.

Hampton Bay Remote Control Fans

Apparently, every house needs a ceiling fan. It keeps things cool, especially when summer comes. When it comes to ceiling fans, a name that always comes to mind is Hampton Bay. Hampton Bay boasts a unique design of ceiling fans for every type of home. What’s great about this fan is that they’re so simple to configure. In fact, there is nothing difficult about installing a Hampton Bay fan in your home. It comes with a step by step guide that is easy to follow. It’s very straight-forward and you can do it within a couple of minutes.

You should always consult experts to make sure you do things right. Make sure that all parts are in order and you have all the tools before you begin the installation. You will need a ladder, wire cutters, wire tester and a screwdriver among other things. The first thing to do is to turn off the main line. Using a wire tester, test the leads to make sure that there are no more live wires. The bracket must be properly assembled and installed in the electrical box. Make sure the wires are properly installed on the ceiling and the fan is properly fitted.

Shop for good looking Hampton Bay remote control fans.

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Now, slide the blades through the bracket, and keep them in place. After that, turn the electricity back on and see if your fan is working properly. The slides should cancel each other out. You do not really need to buy weights to keep them that way. There should also be a bit of vibration, but not so much that it causes the roof to shake. Installing your own fan is an easy task with Hampton Bay fans! You can do this in several steps. Also get a red chandelier.

A Hampton Bay ceiling fan can last for years with proper care and maintenance. If you encounter any problems along the way, you can always seek help from the internet. Unfortunately, while the Hampton Bay has an official site, it’s not that very friendly to customers since it does not provide a lot of support. You should be located in the continental U.S. to benefit from their live technical support. However, you can use other online services to find the solutions to your problems. You can also get help online if you wish. You can also get free advice from technical people, groups and participate in online communities.