Buying Pink Curtains

While not everyone loves pink curtains they do offer a certain element of charm. Pink is often considered most feminine color on the market today but it shouldn’t be just limited to clothing alone. You may be wondering who would decorate their homes with such a strange color? Well, little girls often envision themselves as little princesses living in white castles. They are an excellent addition to any child’s bedroom. You can match them with other color accessories to really make them pop.

To give your child the room of their dreams consider adding this colorful color selection with other bright and cheery colors. Pinks and purples really make a room sparkle and really adds some kick! Your child will absolutely love a pink room with color bedspreads and rugs. It will make them feel as if they are living the fairytale dream!

However pink curtains do not have to be strictly a child’s dream. They can also be used to spice up any room and give it some color, wackiness or just make it tres chic! It is important to remember that the shade of the curtain or drape is going to is also going to make a big difference in any room. Staying with softer shades may be less dramatic, however, hot pink may stand out more than any other shade. Your shade selection will depend on the mood you are trying to convey.

It is important to not overdue it with pink. Perhaps just keep it to the curtains when decorating a room. A little bit of something really can go a long way when it comes to decorating and the choice of color that you choose to display on your windows is certainly no exception. Remember use your own personal style and taste to bring to life any room it can definitely be the topic of conversation!

You should also remember that adults and kids alike will love this color. While it is more feminine there are some instances where this daring color selection can really pop. Pairing it with other colors can really bring out the features in a room. Consider adding it to more than just a bedroom and be bold and daring. This really can be extremely versatile color if you know how to use it properly.

Putting pink curtains especially in your girls' bedroom.

flickr by Haven's Edge

The style and design of the curtain is also going to make a significant difference in where you choose to place them. There are many types of fabric that they can be made out of. Some of these popular fabrics are cretonne, chintz and linen. Each specific fabric will offer something different to the room, and to the curtain.

For instance, cretonne is a heavy cotton that is unglazed. This popular material can also be used as slipcovers. Chintz are also made of cotton but they are best for contemporary styles and come in more bold colors! Linen may seem a little softer but is a great fabric for all curtains.

Looking for a pink that will satisfy the man in your life? Perhaps try a pink plaid. Still pink but offers a more masculine feel. It is true that most men will scoff at the idea of having pink curtains in their home or in their bedroom but you really can add some spice to the room depending on the material and the style that you pick. You do not have to choose girly flowery pink prints to use pink. While it’s not very common to find pink curtains in a bachelor pad they can be very elegant and attractive no matter where you place them!