Bound Remnants – Breaking the Myths

The option of bound carpet remnants often ends up giving a false impression to a first-time carpet buyer.  Any site on carpeting will tell you that bound remnants are nothing but leftover pieces of carpets once an order is processed. Carpet warehouses usually dispose of these leftovers to carpet retailers who already have a ready market in the form of customers with smaller carpet orders. Consider using carpet remnants to adorn staircases, doorways, boat decks or any other area where a small leftover carpet will suffice.  In fact, it is quite a challenge to find appropriate carpeting material to cover small or uneven areas of a property. Bound carpet remnants helps overcome this challenge and provides a smooth walking surface that is warm and non-slippery.

You can use the Internet to zero down on carpet retailers who deal in carpet remnants. Reputed online shopping sources like eBay and Amazon are also a reliable source from where you can pick good quality bound carpet remnants.  Finding the right color, texture, pattern and fabric are some of the issues that you will have to revolve your buying decision around.

Two of the biggest myths surrounding bound carpet remnants include the following:

  • Remnants are inferior products – It would be absolutely incorrect to believe that since these carpets are leftover pieces they are inferior in quality. The reality is that remnants are not separately manufactured but are a part of the same large roll of carpet that the warehouse processes for a client. What remains in the end is the product from the same order but yes, in inadequate quantities.
  • Finding remnants is difficult – It is a common myth across a lot of carpet buyers that finding bound carpet remnants is a tedious process. In fact, there is a growing market for carpet remnants fueled by the soaring demand from carpet buyers who want to smarten up smaller areas and uneven places of their property.

If you are contemplating purchasing carpet remnants for your needs you must go ahead with the decision as it will be a welcome improvement to the interiors and exteriors of your property.