Black Galaxy Granite

Gabbric Anorthosite is the scientific term for the material most commonly referred to by the name Black Galaxy Granite. This stone is often quarried, cut and sold under the simple name black granite and is utilized on many of the worlds most important building projects, both for domestic and commercial construction. The material was originally introduced in the late 1960s, and the original source for the material was the Ongole region of India. Today there are other places where the stone is quarried, chiefly in the nations of Brazil, Canada, Iran, and Spain.

Because Black Galaxy is a natural material, its appearance and some of its physical properties will be somewhat variable. Of late, demand has greatly outstripped what mining is capable of producing, resulting in skyrocketing prices for the material.

Some people labor under the mistaken impression that veining in this form of granite causes it to be structurally weaker, but this is in fact a myth. There is no effect upon the stone’s durability, but this mistaken idea does cause the price to be slightly less than that of many of its counterparts. It is often possible to tell the depth at which a stone was quarried by examining the size of the pits in the surface. Stones with a very large amount of pitting were normally quarried ten to twenty meters below the surface. Stones with less pronounced pitting are generally quarried fifty to seventy meters above the surface.

Why is it good to use black galaxy granite?

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Many customers had complaints after the installation of black granite in their houses, especially regarding kitchen counter surfaces. These people detected round or semi-hemispherical scratches upon the surface of the granite, which they could not explain. They have often needlessly spent time and money trying to have these scratches removed. The scratches in question are not produced by use nor do they represent defects in the granite, they are simply marks left by the polishing process at the factory. The marks actually result from the polishing wheels, and are normally not visible on lighter granites, but are more apparent on the black.

Another tip that falls under the heading of “caveat emptor” is to be wary if a distributor tells you a slab has had an enhancer used upon it. Black Galaxy of high quality should never be doctored. Any enhancer put upon the stone would wear off eventually in any case. Anyone offering stone that has been “enhanced” in this way is certainly trying to defraud you.

Hopefully these facts about Black Galaxy Granite have cleared up some misconceptions for you and will help you in your future purchases.


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