Beyond Flush-Mount Chrome Ceiling Lights

When you think of chrome ceiling lights you might automatically think of a flush-mount light that sits directly on the ceiling and is very unobtrusive. Many such lights blend into the background and don’t stand out at all. They just happen to have chrome as the surface though it’s not chosen for its particular style or look. Flush-mount lights are really designed to light up a room but not add any particular style to it. Semi-flush mount lights are very similar but they come down a little bit farther from the ceiling. These are sometimes chosen for the style and may have a very contemporary look and shape.

chrome ceiling lightsIf you have a contemporary room and you’re looking for a light fixture, while it’s perfectly acceptable to get these types of lights, you have a whole variety of choices you might not be considering. A chrome ceiling light like a chandelier or pendant light or even some type of fancy track lighting could add some design to the room, and are a great way to add the touch of chrome without choosing something that’s boring and plain.

A chrome chandelier, for instance, can be a very traditional shape and style or it can have a modern sensibility. A pendant light can end in a fixture that has a shade of almost any material so long as the rest of the piece is chrome and eye-catching. There’s simply no need to settle for a ceiling light that doesn’t pull double duty as a style accent.

Chrome and crystal naturally look good together, especially in a contemporary yet elegant room. Chrome and other metal finishes can also look good in a very modern space, but consider the appeal of one surface to pull a room together instead of going with many different finishes. The silvery look can stand on its own without gold, bronze or copper to detract.

Look for interesting shapes and styles to avoid choosing the same kind of light over and over, as well. Chrome track lighting can be in a square, a wave, a spiral and even an abstract shape which will draw the eye and make the beauty of the finish even more apparent. You can still choose a flush mount or semi-flush mount fixture, but do so because it’s right for the room and not because you don’t feel you have any style or design choices beyond it.