Benefits Of Solar Spot Lights

At the mention of the word “spot lights”, you automatically think of a night time search and rescue mission, but they can be for so many other things. They might light up areas in your garden like your garden urns full of beautiful flowers, a fountain, your pathway, the side of your home, or even used commercially to light up a billboard, your business or products, which are left outside. Fountain and garden spot lights are lightweight and easy to install and will save you money on your electric bill. These are as economical as LED grow lights. There is an outdoor sconce that is solar powered available in home improvement stores near you.

Solar powered spot light are made from PVC plastic, poly Resin, stainless steel, or copper plaiting to name a few. During the daylight hours, they absorb the rays from the sun and store that in their batteries. They have their own automatic light level meter so will turn themselves on when the light gets dim enough and turn themselves off when the sun comes back. When the battery is fully charged, they have enough power to last 8 to 10 hours.

The initial cost of buying the lights will be a little more than the electrical ones, but you save the money you would have had to pay an electrician to install the electrical lights. After buying the lights, the only expense you have is to replace the batteries, and it will give you an idea of how long they last on the box. Some garden solar spot lights last for about 2 years.

Using solar spot lights in your garden really brings a lot of benefits.

flickr by Scott Garsed-Donnelly

The advantages of solar powered outdoor spot lights are the ease to install them. Since you do not need electricity, you can install them almost anywhere. They do not require much maintenance maintenance. The disadvantages are they need lots of sun, they are not as bright as the electrical equivalent and they cannot stay lit as long.

Unless you live somewhere like Palm Springs, CA or Yuma AZ where the sun shines almost all the time, you may need to check with a knowledgeable technician at the lighting store to see if you get enough sunshine. Only you can decide how bright the light has to be, you can always buy one with a higher wattage. They are good for the environment and your pocketbook so give it a try.

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