Beautiful French Style Counter Stools

French style, or shabby chic, is very popular these days and French style counter stools can add an element of real style to your kitchen area. When you are buying counter stools in a French style however you should know that the most well made of these types of seating are actually made of painted French style oak. These stools are made of 100% solid oak and they are handcrafted by experts who try to keep the knurl and knots intact to give the chair a great deal more character.

French style counter stools are not just for bars but are also good for home use.

flickr by bricemilano

The French style uses cornices to overhang the tops, and curves to detail the bottoms and then dark metal is used to complement the lighter oak. These stools bring a sense of the old world to your cooking and dining areas and not only are they very beautiful but they can be fairly inexpensive is you use some creative shopping techniques. These techniques include using the internet to first learn about the different styles of counter stools, finding the style you like and then finding the distributor that offers the best prices.

Of course French style stools are not the only choices you have for counter stools, While you can find them fairly inexpensively they are still more expensive than some stools. There are many more economical brands and styles on the market to choose from if you are working on a budget. The best places to find these other chairs are at furniture stores or flea markets. These are budge chairs and do not have the same life span as more expensive chairs and you will find them wearing out faster but they can be purchased much less expensively. This can allow you to use the savings to add more color or decorations to your cooking areas or other areas of your home.