Basic Installation Of Concrete Anchor Bolts

The strength of concrete anchor bolts is only as good as the installation job done by the contractor. Poorly or improperly installed anchors will not hold up to published strength ratings, and as a result, can cause issues with building construction.

To make sure the job is done right, contractors and structural engineers need to work together to ensure the proper hardware is used and installed according to the engineers plans. To install anchor bolts for concrete, the process has a common theme: Drill a hole, usually about the same size as the bolt shaft, and drive it in. However, different applications require different bolts, as well as slightly different installation guidelines.

Using drop-in anchors as an example, here are some simple steps to install them. This hardware has slots allowing the body to expand uniformly, and they are ideal for flush mounting situations. Start by drilling a hole which is the same diameter as the bolt; next, clear out the dust and particles from the hole; drop in the anchor, with the slotted ends leading; finish the installation by using a set tool to secure it.

Learn the proper ways to install concrete anchor bolts.

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For vibratory loads, double expansion hardware is the best choice. To properly set these, drill the hole; using the outside diameter of the anchor as a guideline, set the hardware in the hole, and tap it in. With installation complete, the bolt can be removed and replaced without their holding value. The strength of double expansion anchors lies in the fact that they create strong bonds as the cones are pulled toward one another.

If in doubt about which anchors to use like for LCD wall mounts, ask a knowledgeable staff member where you are shopping for help, or follow the forums if shopping online. Good concrete anchors are going to last a lifetime, if they are properly installed.

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