Are Balloon Shades Better Than Roman Shades?

Choosing color of your balloon shade that fits your home.

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About Balloon Shades

Balloon shades are a type of simple window treatment that utilizes fabric pleated in a particular fashion, so that when the shade is drawn, the material balloons out into the room creating a three dimensional effect. However, when down, balloon shades lie flat giving them the minimalist modern look that many interior designers and homeowners appreciate. This versatility in design makes them a very popular window treatment for both modern and traditional design.

Choose the best material for your roman shade.

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About Roman Shades

Roman shades get their name from the style of awning that was used in the the Colosseum in the first century AD to shade spectators from the afternoon sun. Operating with a simple piece of fabric on two large poles, the original roman shades would fold flat on themselves when not in use. Today’s roman shades achieve the same simplicity in design as the original, by using a single flat piece of fabric on a draw string. As the shades are drawn, rather than scalloping outwards, they fold underneath themselves creating a beautiful cascading effect. Roman shades are very popular in contemporary interior design, with many homes with many people choosing to have custom bamboo roman shades built to fit perfectly in their window frames.

Balloon Shades Vs. Roman Shades

Balloon shades and roman shades install and operate almost exactly the same. Their drawing mechanisms are identical in many cases, and often only utilize thin strips of fabric to literally tie the shades up. Choosing the right window treatment boils down to personal preference. If you appreciate the simplicity of roman shades, but would like to add a little flair to your decor, then balloon shades would be a wonderful choice. However, if you appreciate minimalist design and would like a more contemporary look, classic roman shades look great in almost any setting.