An Electric Shower Head Makes Remote Showers A Possibility

When looking for an efficient and inexpensive way to add a remote shower to the home, consider purchasing an electric shower head.  This device provides instant hot water to the shower, regardless of its source.  It is a mini-instantaneous water heater that is built into a shower head.  The device provides heat as long as the water is running and then shuts off when the shower is turned off.  It can be connected to the existing plumbing in the home or to a water hose and mounted on the wall for a great outside shower that will meet the needs of the family for showering before jumping into the pool.

The electiric shower heater requires a larger than normal circuit breaker and heavier than normal wiring to work correctly.  In addition, to ensure safety, it should only be installed on a circuit that also has a ground fault interrupter (GFI) device.  It is a perfect addition for water that is already at approximately sixty degrees, as it can provide all the needed hot water one would desire for their shower.  There is no waiting for the tank type water heater to reheat before the next person jumps into the water.  It will already be warm.  Even if the water temperature is below the recommended sixty degrees, the device is able to remove some of the chill off the water used in an outside shower.

Electric shower pumps are a good option for areas where running water may not be available.  With the pump, a garden hose can be dropped into a nearby clean supply of water, such as found in a swimming pool, river or lake and provide all the water needed to wash the body in a great shower, even if pressurized water is not available.    When combined with a heater head, the pump can even provide a heated shower for every member of the body.