Aligning The Cupboard Doors

Many consumers often face the issue of misaligned cupboard doors in the kitchen. Maybe these doors do not open and close as they should. This problem frequently occurs with different types of wooden doors, and it can be caused by a number of things including loose hinges, low-quality wood or aging wood. However, this is a minor issue that requires a few simple repairs to correct.

It's good to know how to take care of your cupboard doors.

flickr by Haxxah and KraZug

To repair kitchen doors and cupboards, you will need to collect a screwdriver, torpedo level, wooden dowel and a drill. Initially, open the kitchen cupboards, and inspect them for problems. You may see that the hinges need to be swapped out or that the wood is cracked. In either case, use the screwdriver to remove the door, and replace the hinges if necessary. Also, check to see if the holes are striped, and if so, they need to be filled.

If you have to fix the holes in the cupboard door, use the drill to make larger holes. Apply glue to the wooden dowel, and place it into the hole. Cut off any extra, and sand it to match the cupboard surface. Next, drill smaller holes to fit the screws, and affix the hinge onto the door to realign it.

After the screws are in place, inspect the door to be sure that it is aligned correctly. Also, check to see that it opens and closes smoothly. If the position of the door needs to be adjusted, remove the screws. Get a friend to hold the door in place while you mark the correct holes for the screws. Make new holes, and attach the top of the hinge to check its position. If the door is in place and it opens and closes properly, then add the other hinges. Also, do not forget to use protective gear when working.