African Wall Decorations

Africa is a huge continent with many different cultures and a rich heritage. Looking to this part of the world for inspiration (or using items you purchased on your travels) when decorating will give you a lot of ideas that can turn your home to something very unique.

Africa has traditionally been a tribal continent. This historical influence is evident in their heritage, music, and artwork. These artworks are handmade and the techniques used are passed on from one generation to another, preserving the elements, such as geometric shapes, exotic animal prints and images, and vivid colors.

An African mural on your walls is a great start. There is a close relationship between the Africans and nature so having wildlife or the African savannah as the design on the mural is a good idea.

Some of the most popular pieces of artwork from this part of the world are African tribal masks, used in ceremonies, celebrations, battle preparations, etc. They are usually crafted out of wood and are lavishly embellished with beads, shells, plant fibers, pigments, and animal hair. Having these adorning your walls will certainly be the center of attention in your home.

Knowing some ideas on putting African wall decorations.

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You can also find paintings on mud cloth, batik, banana leaf, and korhogo cloths. The imagery vary from animals, the Sahara, tribal, nature, prosperity and harvest, or daily activities and make for great wall decor.

If you have traveled to Africa, chances are you brought back souvenirs of all types and sizes. The use of shadow boxes is an excellent way of showcasing these pieces of artwork. Group them together with photos, maps and drawings for a pretty display that will be a nice reminder of your adventures.

Handcrafted African Maasai shields and spears also make extraordinary centerpieces on your walls. The shields are made of water buffalo hide and painted with a mixture of pigments in symbolic colors.

Hanging musical instruments such as the African balafon, kora, bamboo flutes, gankeke bells, shakers, and rattles as wall decorations is another great way of enhancing a room. These are also symbolical and are often used in ceremonies. Made from materials like wooden plates, gourd, leather, hand painted and sometimes accented with burned designs, they add a nice, eclectic look to your room.

Decorating your walls with African items will provide you with some great conversation pieces and give your home an ethnic and tribal feel that is uniquely beautiful.

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