Advice On How To Refinish Your Hardwood Floors

Any home improvement project is definitely a time consuming task. Nevertheless, it is strongly recommended if you want to keep the value of your home. If you have used your hardwood floor for many years without refinishing, then now is the perfect time to do it.

Refinishing your floor will certainly require a lot of hard work and patience. Because of the amount of time and effort that this project requires, some people seek professional help. But unlike the installation of wood floors, refinishing your floor can actually be done without professional assistance. The most important tools and equipment are very easy to use and can be found in rental centers near you. Read on below to learn how to refinish hardwood floors.

Waxing is an excellent way to keep the floor bright and shiny. Refinishing must be done to preserve the beauty and richness of the wood.

Another important reason for finishing wood floors is because it can increase the value of your home. When your home is assessed, you must make sure that each part has a high market value. Finishing wood floors can provide you with the best value that your home deserves. Make sure that your existing floors don’t have any damage. If your hardwood floor has only superficial scratches or rough surface, you can simply fix the top layer to make it look perfect again.

Finishing hardwood floor is a project you can carry out without spending much. If your floor begins to feel rough and uncomfortable to your feet, you can try sanding that particular part to smoothen the rough surface.

When sanding wood floors, you must make sure that you sand the surface with light sand paper, because anything tougher will destroy the wood. Grinding is recommended for scratches on the wood floor. However, a wooden floor can be polished for only a certain number of times because each sanding chips off more wood.

Excessive sanding can jeopardize the rest of the joints because that particular part of the floor will not be as thick as the rest of the floor. This can lead to accidents. You can check the ends of the floor to see how much wood is left. Another good project would be to making a DIY headboard.

Temperature is the main factor that causes the wood to contract and expand. This greatly affects floors made of wood. The expansion of wood can also cause the floor to crack. On the other hand, when the wood floor contracts, it usually leaves a very obvious gap. This is another reason why we need to sand our wood floors.