Advantages Of An Undermount Bathroom Sink

If you’re looking to give your bathroom renovation a modern appearance, an undermount bathroom sink is the way to go. These sinks mount underneath the countertop so that there is no seam between the counter and the top of the sink. This promotes a clean, stylish look that is sure to remain popular for decades to come.

Gone are the days when most bathroom sinks were embedded into the countertop. These sinks did little to promote creativity in bathroom design, and gave homeowners little choice in the final appearance of their bathroom. You basically had a choice between white, yellow, or a few basic colors for your countertop/sink unit. With an undermount sink, you can opt to combine two distinct colors and styles. You can choose a beautiful marble countertop with a sink bowl made of stainless steel. Or you can go with a granite countertop with a porcelain bowl. In addition, if at a later date you decide you want to swap out the countertop for a new one, you can keep the same sink if you so choose.

The advantages of an undermount sink.

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These undermount sinks are also quite easy to clean. There is no ugly ring connecting the sink and countertop because the counter fits right up to the edge of the sink. Cleaning can be done quickly with a sponge and some mild soap or household cleaner. As long as you keep the countertop looking shiny your bathroom will always have a glow to it, no matter how long it’s been since your renovation project.

Another option to look into is the semi-recessed sink. These sinks are similar to an undermount sink, but have a small seam that helps keep water in the bowl and not on the counter. This is a good option in small bathrooms where you don’t have a lot of counter-space as it will prevent water from splashing onto the floor, something that is often an inconvenience in small bathrooms.

Undermount bathroom sinks are attractive, easy to maintain and come in a world of great styles. If you’re planning on fixing up your bathroom in the near future, the undermount sink is a home improvement idea that deserves a good look.

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