A Bit About Aluminum Patio Covers

If you have a patio in your back yard, turning it into a covered porch is as simple as adding a patio cover. The backyard is a wonderful place to spend the summer but the heat can not only be uncomfortable but if you spend too much time in it you risk health problems from over exposure to ultra violet rays. When you consider the number days when a brief thundershower can chase everyone into the stuffy house. These problems can be solved by adding a roof to your patio, turning it into a full porch. This porch gives you a place to keep your patio furniture out of the rain and sun and a protected place to barbecue regardless of the weather.

Of the three materials used in making patio covers, aluminum patio covers are probably the best bet. Acrylic plastic covers are light and inexpensive but do not last more than a few years before they need to be replace. Wooden patio covers make the house look more natural but are usually heavy and are subject to insect infestations and wood rot unless you repaint at least yearly and even then the lifespan is only a few years longer than plastic. Steel covers are very long lasting but very heavy, difficult to install, are subject to rust and, most importantly are very expensive.

Aluminum patio covers that are right for your patios.

flickr by J&J Aluminum Covers

There are several styles of aluminum patio roofs. Aluminum is in the first place highly resistant to rust and is very light. You can buy aluminum patio covers that are solid all the way across or you can get them with clear plastic panels to save on lighting. You can build them yourself or you can buy them in easy to install kits from your local home improvement stores or an online vendor. While they are higher priced than plastic or wood they are also much longer lasting and require very little maintenance.